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Predator Hunting Gear: Essentials or Luxuries

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Default Predator Hunting Gear: Essentials or Luxuries

Many new predator hunter walk down the aisles at their favorite hunting store and find themselves at a loss for what gear they really need to help them put fur in the dirt. Every predator caller is different, so what gear is right for one hunter might not be perfect for another, but Iíll share my own personal lists to maybe help some new callers get rolling.

With any luck, some of our other callers here can add to these lists in case I forgot anything (since I didn't pull out my pack to double-check against this list), or in case they use other items that I don't.

I'll break down 3 lists of gear: Essentials, "Nice-to-have", and Luxury Items...

To call coyotes, you really don't need that much, so the ďEssentialsĒ list is pretty short and sweet.

On top of the Essentials list, the Nice to Have list is pretty much what I carry (not always all of it, mind you), shooting aids, comfort aids, and just handy stuff.

Beyond all of that, the Luxury List contains things you don't really ever need, but sure are handy if you ever decide to splurge.

  1. Rifle
  2. Ammo
  3. Calls
  4. Accurate/up to date scouting maps
  5. Camo - including gloves and facemask
  6. Skinning knives
That's literally all you really NEED to call coyotes. If you aren't good at judging wind direction, then pick up a small can of baby powder as part of your ESSENTIALS list.

Nice to Have
  1. Rangefinder
  2. Binos (around your neck for access)
  3. Padded seat/short stool (Cabelas Gobbler Lounger is FANTASTIC, pad for sitting on the ground also)
  4. Coyote Drag
  5. Shooting Sticks (LOVE Primos Shoot'n Stik Monopod)
  6. Rubber gloves for skinning
  7. Decoy/Distractor
These are items that really make your hunting and/or shooting easier, and I'd recommend you have them, even though you can call successfully without them.

  1. Hitch mounted skinning winch and gambrel
  2. Wind Meter
  3. Ghillie Suit
  4. High Seat (Truck or UTV mounted)
  5. Electronic Calls
These aren't really necessary, but sure are sweet if you have a little extra money burning a hole in your pocket.

Iím certain other predator callers have mixed and matched gear together that works for them just as well as this kit has treated me, but these are the things that I look to have with me whenever Iím heading out to bag some fur.
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I think the only essential that's not actually essential is the maps. Everything else is spot on, for daytime hunting. Night hunting is a little bit different, this is our night time list.

Ammo for both
1 or 2 hunting buddies

These are the bare necessities

The nice to have:
High rack
Red lens
Gloves (winter time)

The luxury items
Red bull
Beef jerky
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I will nix the buddies. They have a tendency to talk about your kill spots.
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