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In hindsight what would the Founding Fathers change? >

In hindsight what would the Founding Fathers change?

Politics Nothing goes with politics quite like crying and complaining, and we're a perfect example of that.

In hindsight what would the Founding Fathers change?

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Originally Posted by CalHunter View Post
Elkman, I have no idea where lonestar was going with that since he sort of rambled along.

FM, you do post some of the most thought provoking statements in this forum, bar none. I'll admit I didn't know very much at all about the 17th amendment and am now reading about it in detail. Anything further that you'd care to share on it.
it was just another thought that maybe they wouldn't change anything. I wasn't saying you said they wouldn't change anything
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FM is totally correct with the 17th amendment. The original intent was for the house to be directly elected by the people while the senate was determined by the legislature of the states. This gave a balance of power between the people and the states. With senators not being elected then there would not be to opportunity for outside influence. The 17th amendment upset that balance.

This all happened around the time of Woodrow Wilson who was the one that really began the DEM progressive agenda. Now people in places like CA and NY can try and influence the election of senators in states like KS and WV which are being used for example. When the legislature appointed senators other states had no input or influence.
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I've been reading up on the 17th amendment and it's quite interesting. The original method of state legislatures selecting US Senators to represent their states and thus be held accountable to those state legislatures is a brilliant way to give each state direct input into the legislation that Congress passes. From what I've read, by the time the 17th amendment was proposed, about half of the states were allowing or following some kind of statewide public vote to "advise" the legislature of who the citizens wanted appointed as US Senators. So those states were effectively allowing their citizens to select or at least recommend that state's US Senators.

Some could argue that such practice justifies passing the 17th amendment since half of the states were doing it anyway. The problem in passing the 17th amendment was that it disenfranchised the other half of the states who were not following that type of practice. The actual 17th amendment was ratified by 36 state legislatures (3/4's of the states in the union at the time). Even with those #'s, passing the 17th still disenfranchised a 1/4 of the states who obviously did not support the measure. It seems like it would have been a better wording of the 17th if it allowed each state to choose how they select the US Senators instead of dictating it to them.

There's a lot more to the subject than above, that's for sure. Thanks FM for posting this.

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Originally Posted by lonestar50 View Post
Just a thought experiment.

If they were to suddenly appear and see the current state of our country, would they change anything? By "current state of our country", I'm not insinuating good or bad, I just mean when they see the results of their work, would they change anything?

Add term limits? Clarification on the 2nd Amendment?
Term limits would be in the constitution.
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