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Demorats starting to eat their own

Politics Nothing goes with politics quite like crying and complaining, and we're a perfect example of that.

Demorats starting to eat their own

Old 08-01-2019, 02:09 PM
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Default Demorats starting to eat their own

The Mad Patriots

This Reasonable Democrat Stood Up to Ilhan Omar. Now a Leftist Wants His Seat.
Posted by: admin in Freedom News, Politics July 30, 2019

While the mainstream media loves to spend all of its time talking about the glories of people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her 2018 win, the truth is that the Democratic House victory last November would not have been possible without scores of conservative-to-moderate Democrats winning in flip districts across the country. You can argue whether or not last year’s election was truly a “blue wave,” but you cannot argue the facts: This was no special win for the progressive wing of the party.

That makes some people very unhappy, and the “puritans” of the Democratic Party – as Maureen Dowd called them this week – want to clean out the less-than-true-believers in the next election. And so that’s where Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-NJ) comes in. In his tenure in the House, he has opposed the Green New Deal, he has fought for more moderate solutions at the border, he has supported and endorsed our military vets, and he has promised to protect Social Security and Medicare from the fraudulent universal health care plans beloved by the hard left.

Oh, and as a Jewish lawmaker, he denounced Ilhan Omar and her anti-Semitic remarks about any congressman in Washington who supports Israel.

All of this has made him the perfect target for a left-wing primary challenge.

“New Jersey Rep. Josh Gottheimer, a deep-pocketed leader among moderate Democrats in the House, is about to face a primary challenge from a local elected official who was campaigning for him just eight months ago,” reports Politico. “Arati Kreibich, a neuroscientist and freshman councilwoman from the Bergen County borough of Glen Rock, says Gottheimer had offered northern New Jersey’s 5th congressional District a chance to move on from seven terms of Republican Scott Garrett, who was by far the most conservative member of New Jersey’s House delegation.

“I campaigned for Josh. I had signs on my lawn. I did whole big get-out-the-vote canvas for him. I knocked on doors for him. I’ve of course been a supporter because I thought that was the way to move forward,” Kreibich told the news site. “But I’ve been incredibly disillusioned and disappointed by the kinds of decisions he’s making and not making.”

Politico reports that Kreibech is being supported by Anna Wong of the Indivisible group, a grassroots organization that was created specifically for the purpose of opposing Donald Trump.

Purity tests are the sort of thing that will further divide the Democratic Party and put the House back in the hands of the GOP. As such, we wish Kreibech well in her challenge. The more insane, anti-American, pro-socialist Democrats who join the race, the better for us.
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Old 08-03-2019, 09:42 PM
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I pray daily...that the party would be extremely divided..Most are the sons of Belial..as in the the scriptures..They are against anything moral..As I research the democrats these days they are diffently becoming more divided as their people are seeing the self destruction and hate,,,and seeing the promised jobs by our Commander in Chief..the demonic ones will continue but some of them are waking up...Trump needs our prayers daily..I believe he is the greatest president ever. He's real.
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Old 08-05-2019, 12:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Chuck7 View Post
I pray daily...that the party would be extremely divided..Most are the sons of Belial..as in the the scriptures..They are against anything moral.
totally get there is a diff between Old and New Testament and get your just referral towards reckless and lawless.
R the Dems really that?
Or R they just so so fed up that they want to base system throw them away and start off new.
it seems to me it’s exactly what Trump is trying to do.
get rid of the old, and stat new.
I enough about Politics that Backbencher is
the Parties own Worst Enemy.
I know enough that Opposition is just that,
the alternative Gov.
It’s a Paid Position and their role is to challenge and oppose and make the Gov accountable on their policies..
So it’s just a givin, that it ain’t going to be Heaven in either of them.
Infact I’ll go as far to say there is not one Marriage, Family, Career that totally one hundred percent gets along..
They all have their squabbles their battles and their blows. More than fair to say, Everyone had seen it..
You haven’t lived u less you have.
In fact really who cares, it’s how you work through it, that matters.
We will see this blow over and forgotten about in no time.
Just like all the other times.
All this is going to be is dust in the wind.
Wouldn’t put too much into it..
People already know who they will Vote for
This Internal squabbling won’t change Voters minds.
Sadly what it will affect is On Fence Voter turnout.
Cause these are the ones that take neither Party Serious
Both Parties are a Joke..
Both Parties have their issues, and why not everyone be like you all happy the other has problems..
Like some Mental Illness.
Well, one things for certain now.
Safe to say that makes
Good Ole USA
The Absolute
Laughing stock of the entire World.
You guys realize this right?
America is getting no respect from anybody anywhere world wide because you guys can’t even respect a fellow American diff point of view or principle.
Wake Up.
You want your Country Great Again..
You want it protected.
News Flash
It starts with a United Front.
Stop enabling these Clowns leading you down a path that is going to kill America.
This is the Internet guys..
Be mindful..
People all over the World Read
Some people that read aren’t nice..
See stuff like this posted.
See huge Vulnerability
They will take advantage..
They do..
Don’t think they don’t.
Unite Yourself guys..
Don’t enable this crap..

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Old 08-05-2019, 09:22 AM
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I think the Dem party is going through their Tea Party phase. AOC got lucky when she was elected. Her ideas were relatively unknown and unvetted when she won. Since then, she's tried hard to remake the Dem party and support other fringe candidates running against mainstream Dem pols. If you read the news, it's obvious that she's getting pushback from Dems. This latest FEC complaint sounds like it came from a Dem. Those Dem mainstream party leaders aren't going to give their fiefdom up without a fight, no matter how many crazies run for President. And the best part of this is we can simply sit back and watch things implode politically for the Dems. They don't seem to get it but they are going to have a very different party in 2021 after they lose the WH again in 2020. And in the meantime, Trump will have got a bunch of stuff through and appointed a whole lot more Federal Judges.

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Old 08-05-2019, 10:33 AM
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I pray your correct that the dems basically implode/ self destruct as they push socialism,
and rainbows and unicorns and 70% -90% tax rate increases,the loss of most private freedom, ,
and TRUMP gets too appoint a huge uncountable slew of new conservative judges,
and ideally at least two-too -three new supreme court judges
(hopefully even more conservative and more firmly based on and in full support of the original constitution )
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Old 08-05-2019, 12:13 PM
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I think the Dems are doomed to lose in 2020. All of their candidates are running on extremist platforms which will be hard to tone down for the general election In November without insulting a lot of their party extremists who are the most vocal at this point. For a Dem, MSM and social media are an absolute litmus test that can't be ignored. They simply cannot irritate either of those Dem groups and will be herded along the extremist trail. I don't think there will be some official Dem version of the Tea Party by name but I do think a lot more Dems are either going to stay home on election day or start switching registration to some form of Indie without saying a word about it except at the ballot box so they don't lose family, friends, etc. Dems tend to assume support when they haven't really confirmed it because they assume all Dems are acting in lock step which is changing. Some Dems are actually moderates or centrists. Some are left. At the moment, all of the vocal Dems (including most of their candidates) are either hard left or ultra left (read socialist) which isn't really the Dem party position. Yes they are liberal but many of them will draw the line at outright socialism. And it's practically guaranteed that the final candidate who runs against Trump will be splattered with some socialist platform. Gonna be fun to watch.
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