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Politics Nothing goes with politics quite like crying and complaining, and we're a perfect example of that.

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Default S**t Hole Countries

Well I guess we now know what it takes to get CNN to finally stop talking about "the Russians."

I have to watch this useless "news" show at work. The virtue signaling is classic.

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Good thing we're not talking about companies, like CNN for instance.
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How many of us have not said the exact same thing when it comes to harboring people who are a drain on our resources? why should the US be the "flop house" for the world?
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Nontypical Buck
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how many times has Chicago been referred to as such?
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Originally Posted by Ridge Runner View Post
how many times has Chicago been referred to as such?
I thought they had officially changed the name to that. No?
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I have been to 52 countries including Haiti and El Salvador. I have also been to 7 countries in Africa. Face it, $hithole is a pretty accurate description of many of the places I have seen.

Bottom line is that America should welcome any legal immigrant that will benefit America regardles of nation of origin and we should refuse all immigrants that will head straight to the welfare office regardless of nation of origin. The problem is we have been bringing the riff raff in for decades and not the quality immigrants.
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I am beginning to LOVE IT, that our President DOES NOT act "PRESIDENTIAL!"
He's driving the snowflakes over the edge!
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Nontypical Buck
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Pretty accurate description of some of the places I've been. The left makes assumptions about the motives of immigrants. Sure some want a chance at a better life, some are running from problems in their own country, either of their own making or just they way things are. Some hear about how good their relatives have it in the U.S., about the freebies and how easy it is to make an illegal buck. They actually have networks that teach them how to game the system.

The main problem I see is many refuse to integrate, live in barrios and their own communities. In effect instead of embracing a new way of doing things, they promptly start trying to change their new home into the chithole they ran away from in the first place.

I define immigrants as anybody who changes countries or states in the U.S.. You hear complaints all the time from people who resent and hate the Californians who have moved into their state and start right in remaking the place into California 2.0.

People also get tunnel vision, one southern California city requires Armenian as a second language for their new Police hires.

I used to live half a mile from a mostly Jewish city. In my High school their was one black student. The city I lived in had the largest Iranian population outside of Iran. I lived in a predominantly Italian neighborhood when I lived in New Jersey.

IMO the melting pot is a myth. Sure some immigrants assimilate, I'd say the majority don't to any degree, or you end up with a hybrid culture.

As far as education goes, IMO you raise the level in general for the immigrants and lower the level for everybody else. You end up with a lower overall product.

The left has a vision and a dialog that is divorced from reality and manage to sell it in a big way.
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Boone & Crockett
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The end game is a majority of these immigrants if they do manage to assimilate into society and become legal voters will side with the liberal giveaway culture that the Democrats want to promote.
I will add this though...I wish Trump was better at spreading his messages in a more dignified way. Like I often said here when I had one of the moderator jobs....it isn't what you say but how you say it.
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Just glad that we now have a POTUS that has the guts to be vulgar to get his point across.

Yep that is exactly what the country needs as a leader and role model.

Boy that is one hot chick porn star that he cheated on his wife with now isn't it.
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