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MY 2003 BUCK

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Default MY 2003 BUCK


The Story goes like this
I shoot a 30.06 winchester 180 grain pointed soft point

As for the weight dressed out somewhere around 220 pounds As I couldn't handle him by my self

On nov 26 3 pm got got to my ground blind. a little late from when i like to get there as I dropped my son of at the better blind (more activity where he was. I sat down and sprayed my hanging wicks (asswipe paper) with doe pee. I had just placed my rifle down against the small pine tree next to where I sit. I was facing up the field where the deer collect prior to coming into the fields. When I got this feeling I was being watched??........out of the coner of my eye I could see a buck through the tree 75 feet into the field on my right looking at me. I sat as still as possible, as he stompped he feet!! as I slowly grabbed my rifle and went to raise it he took off across the field like a bolt of lightning. I got a real good side view of him as he was only 200 feet away from me on a full run. I knew in an he was a shooter!.As I yelled HEY!!!!! HEY!!!!!!! to get him to stop and look back. At the tree line some 280-300 yards away he slowed to a gait and stopped for a split second just before he headed into the bush. I placed my gun at the lungs as my gun rested on a make shift shooting stick and I pulled the pin. I did not see him lurch or jump. I figured I shot over or under him. I walked up to where I figured he was when I shot him (paced it off at 330 yards).

I found only 2 tuffs of hair and NO blood. I searched the area heavyly til dark. No blood and no more hair. I followed the tracks into the bush some 100 feet and made smaller horse shoes back into the field. Nothing!!!

So I went back the following morning I found him a mere 20 feet off my track under the thickest pile of dead fall. SO I FIGURE HE WAS DEAD EVEN BEFORE I GOT TO WHERE I SHOT HIM BECAUSE HE DIED 15 FEET INSIDE THE TREE LINE.


NOW to make the story intersting. 2 days prior I broke the stock off my rifle. I repaired by gluing the stock back on. As I was using my other 30.06 until the day my son wanted to hunt. I let him use the new gun and I took the repaired gun out. THis deer was a scrapper!!....his left ear was shredded like a grouses tail feathers as well his nose has a big puncture in it.!!So there must be a deer as big or bigger there for me next season.

So the story is long winded but A deer deserves his story Too.......

So never give up on a downed deer!!

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Default RE: MY 2003 BUCK

Congrats on a nice buck...BT
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Default RE: MY 2003 BUCK

wow really nice buck man congrats
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Default RE: MY 2003 BUCK

Wow, that is a beaute!!

I really think I have to head west next year for a deer hunt.
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Default RE: MY 2003 BUCK

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Default RE: MY 2003 BUCK

Congrats ,oh by the way high 5s to you.
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Default [Deleted]

[Deleted by Admins]
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Default RE: MY 2003 BUCK

Nice buck Nicholal
Otis-Bucks scoring 120 to 140 are quite common in many areas of alberta and saskatchewan with a fair number being even larger.Hunting pressure is much lower than in most other places.As a result many bucks live to maturity and with so much feed available they often exceed 300lbs. live weight.I spent last week hunting in Saskatchewan with my father and turned down 18 bucks the largest netting about 150B&C with a couple in the 140's and several above 120.I saw the largest buck the first morning and since I wanted to spend some time hunting with my 71 year old father and I really was hoping for a bigger buck I passed on the buck.We may only get one general tag per year but we do have larger bucks than most other places.
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Default RE: MY 2003 BUCK

Awesome looking buck....congratulations..what did you take him with....tell us the story!!!!!! Brampton Mike [:-[8D]
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Default RE: MY 2003 BUCK

mike you got your story?
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