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Crooked game wardens bewhere!!!!

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Originally Posted by jgv
well guys thanks for the kind words. i wasnt looking for suport just wanted fellow hunters to know what goes on. looks like everything i've read in the many pages of this forum is true about americans getting taken advantage of in this region. i see you support your freinds and thats great. you say you would of charged us to? and what for? oh thats right for the fun of it. if we were guilty would we be telling everyone? no we are mad and we paid alot of money to hunt their and were taken for the whole time. well at least we took home some animals.
bravo bravo. we may not win but we will sure try. just remember no one likes a theif.
Maybe we should start a new tread about Canadians being mistreated in USA? i had my car pulled apart on US Boarder for mispronunciation, guess who had to pay to put it back together? and - it wasn't nowhere near a $1000.00 bucks!
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Originally Posted by splawik
Hello guys,
First time poster – long time reader 
We got back from Donat last Friday. Our first day of hunting was Saturday (Nov 20th). First two days were awesome as we saw hundreds of caribou. On Saturday we got 2 in around kilometre 36-42 of LaForge Rd. with plenty to chose from. We decided to treat first day as a recognisance day. Small groups of two to fifty were almost everywhere. If you’d sit at one place you’d get a group every 5 to 15 minutes. Next day we went past Kisk to kilometre 92 to 98 and they were all over the place in greater numbers. I saw couple of herds of 100+ with decent bulls. That day we tagged 12 within couple of hours.
With two tags left we hoped to feel them the next day in the manner of minutes, but we couldn’t be more wrong. The areas above km 40 were completely dry of caribou. We scraped one loner bull and that was pretty much all we saw. Next day I got one on the km 36 out of small group of 6.
There was a guy that has a friend that does a fly scouting and apparently there is (was?) a herd of 100 000 waiting to pass the LaForge reservoir. I assume they’re having an awesome hunt right now.


http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo...eat=directlink - can you see the Bou?

http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo...eat=directlink - one day harvest

http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo...eat=directlink - those bunch of idiots shot along the road directly into the incoming traffic! they were shooting to the small group of 8 to 10 caribous crossing the road. One was wounded in the leg; how many wounded that got away - god only knows. It was a scene from Bonanza!

BTW - those guys in the last picture got out of a pick up truck with the Vermont license plates. Now, how can you blame CO's for being overcautious?
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Originally Posted by NJheadhunter71
Here is my advice to you: DON'T PAY IT AND NEVER GO BACK! I have been going to Quebec for 20+ years and I can tell you from experience that those people always have their hands out for us Americans. I have relatives there and even they acknowledge they way they are. Whether it be a restaurant waiter, ski lodge, taxi driver ect ect ect they see $$$ and try to scam you. What are they going to do call the state task force to haul you in for a fine in a place that doesn't even show up on half the maps out there! LOL Those people can't and don't ever want to get over the language barrier and treat us like dirt? Oh, I forgot though they may try to track you down when they are enjoying one of our nice warm beaches here in the US when they are on Holiday in the summer! Here is what they think of us: every time I am there I get pulled over when I am driving my truck with New Jersey license plates. First thing they ask me is if I have a handgun in my possession? I from now one tell them no I do not as i left it back in the US with Rambo and John Wayne! LOL
This is the most ignorant and untrue statement I have read on Huntingnet.

You, sir, are an idiot and a bold faced liar.
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I joined this site to comment on this thread.
I know this is an old thread BUT it is still very relevant. I am from Quebec and have hunted there for many years. It is well known that a number of game wardens are corrupt. I once received a ticket from a quebec warden and He also confiscated my gun which was in the truck of my car and my binos. Then the warden continually CALLED me at my home for months to settle it. I refused time and again.
Now, why would a warden call someone 15 or more times at home for someone they ticketed?
Answer= he tried to get me to pay him cash at the time and he didn't want me telling the judge that...
I was going to ask the judge to subpoena phone records which would have proved what I was saying.
The warden finally came to his senses , dropped the charges and told me to come get my stuff which I did....He is now retired a number of years. I guess he was trying to increase his pension fund....
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Glad to hear it all worked out, Louisiana is another hotspot for game warden and enforcement corruption form the top to the bottom, Wardens have been caught misusing public state money, like buying yeti ice chests for personal use, misappropriation of funds and unnecessary equipment purchases. Not to mention the persecution of hunters, guides, and fisherman statewide, most recently confiscating alligator skins and skulls without proper legal procedures, its been like this for a long time, the Louisiana dept. of wildlife and fisheries has no outside oversight by anyone! I compare this situation to the wolf guarding the sheep. Unfortunately the game wardens are the ones who really run the department, two years ago they suggested lowering the deer take in an area in southeast Louisiana by one and two deer without proper biological or management sense, We still cant shoot pigs or coyotes year round without restriction because of the game wardens complaining about to much to do!
Combine this with supervisors and divisional stair climbers and you get the perfect combination of an ineffective and corrupt political system, that will unfortunately not change with the present liberal governor and his cronies.
Enjoy the Hunt
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