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15x binos?

Old 12-12-2019, 08:36 AM
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My basic rule is clarity beats magnification any day. Meaning, for a set amount of $$, you are better off spending on quality optics at 10X rather than going up to 15x magnification. The higher magnifications require better glass. My personal example is having a crappy 60x spotting scope that would not show bullet holes in paper at 100 yards that I could see through my quality 9x rifle scope. That and the above noted need for a solid tripod. Maybe you can find a sweet spot of 12X and good quality glass within your budget.
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^^^ Lot of wisdom right there. I started with a cheaper spotting scope that went up to 60x and the optics sucked. I took it back to the gun store and ordered a Leupold gold Ring spotter from 23-40x and haven't looked back since (no pun intended). As I get older, I've found that there really is no substitute for good glass. Easier on the eyes and you see more with it. I hunt mostly local with much shorter distances (usually under 300 yards) but am very curious about what it's like hunting in Wyoming and what works well there.

For the OP, let us know what you decide on and how well it works. From your description above, it sounds like you're doing something similar to the Coues deer hunters. Here's a link to an older article (2015) that discusses the differences and advantages of 12x versus 15x for spotting and hunting animals at longer distances.

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Just my.02. My sons ,gson and I hunted Mt. again this year and the middle boy had Nikon 8x56 glasses and I was really impressed with the clarity and ease of them in comparison to my 10x42 Sigs. I'd switchif the rangefinder wasn't in the binos I have.
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DJfan, let us know what you decide and how well it works out. This is an interesting topic for sure.
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I'm a super senior(80+)and can relate to your problem. Early on I used 7x, then later went to 8x, then went to 10x, all were quality binoculars. I'm still using my 10x but last year I bought a pair of Vortex Kaibab's in 20x which I use on a tripod or window mount. I really like them and I use them instead of a spotting scope and sometimes use them instead of my 10x power binoculars. They are very clear and don't seem to tire my eyes out and gives me a lot better field of view than my spotting scope. It sounds as if this might be over your budget, they're about $1100, unless you have some connections. If you do you could get them for about $800. I've had them for over a year now and I can honestly say it was money well spent, even though my wife doesn't think so.
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