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Post rangefinder

Any Rangefinder info on board?
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Sig Sauer is one of the best that I have seen. That being said I am using a Nikon and really liked my older Leupold RX1. Really depends on what your use will be and what your budget is
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what do you want to know about them?
I have sold a lot and used a lot, from very high end 10 grand +(military made one's for reading a few miles out)
to cheap one's!
there are a lot pf very good one's these days, , quality can vary, as you want accurate readings father out, as is there difference in the glass in them, and the magnification of them, , I personally find it harder to be very accurate at long distance when there is LOW power magnification on the range finder, too easy to be off a hair and get a WAY different reading.
MY most accurate range finder to date was a Swarovski LSR rifle scope I had back in the late 90's LOL
I have owned and played with a to since then, but is was so nice having a higher power optic with cross hairs to range things in the 700-1,000 yard range
there are many newer one's out now that read way farther, but again, I find them harder to stay on smaller targets and get readings
due to the lower magnification in them.
I DO like some of the binocular's with built in range finders, for the simple fact I can carry just one item over two, and again the higher magnification of them!, good one's are far from cheap however, but , it comes down to again, HOW far you are really looking to range things at!
so, maybe if you state more about what you wish to know, or what/how you plan to use one?/ can give you better feedback here?
I am sure many members here have them and can add to things as well, if we know more on what you wish to know about them!
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I hunt open fields between woods in the Midwest with a 30-06 or a 6.5X55, both bolt action and scoped(Leupold & Zeiss) and both are accurate arms at a distance. I also crossbow hunt. I don't feel that I need a long range(expensive) range finder because I limit my shots to less then 400 yards and usually to 300 or less. The rifles are zeroed in at 250 and 200 yards so only the longer shots require a rangefinder as well as the crossbow. I use the lower end Leupold 650 yard rangefinder, it costs less then $150 on one of the popular bidding sites and seems to work very well. I have tracked trucks out to over 800 yards with it and it seems to be accurate for the distances that I use it for. Why pay more when this serves the purpose within the range of 400 yards?
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A friend of mine that is a rabid bowhunter (with no apparent limit to his bowhunting budget) likes the Leupold. He says that he can see into the dark areas and shadows better with it. He did spend some time with the other popular models but to his eyes the Leupold was the winner. I am more of a rifle hunter and normally use a Leica, but I do have a couple of SIG rangefinders that I like..
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I have one of the older Bushnell rangefinders with a 6X magnification that's probably 20+ years old. It struggles around 400 yards or so but works under that distance. Most of my shots at deer and bear are 250 yards or less because of the general terrain of lots of oak trees. It works for my shot lengths but I am planning on upgrading to a better unit with more distance capability. There are some places where I can see farther and being able to range out to 800 or even a 1,000 yards would be useful so I can plan a stalk, etc. Rangefinders at that range tend to run in the $500 or so range but it's something you can use for life if you take care of it.
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I have ranged deer to 1210 yards with a Leica 1200.
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Hello, i am new to this forum,hope this forum site having nice information,and i am sorry i am not getting about range finder,if anyone please let me something about this.......................
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Which rangefinder is better for deer hunting?
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Seeing this topic, I decided not to open a new one, in the hope that here they would definitely give me good advice. I am a novice hunter and can not decide on the choice of a laser rangefinder. My acquaintance hunter advised me to choose one of these rangefinders https://www.atncorp.com/range-finder but somehow I still don’t navigate all this. Can someone go to this site to advise me which range finder I should buy? Thank you all in advance.
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