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Default Which rifle scope - Leupold, Zeiss, or Nikon

Looking at a new scope for deer hunting. I've always been a fan of Leupolds and have a handful of them w/ no complaints whatsoever. I know Swarovskis are the best, but just can't afford one. I'm not afraid to spend some $ on quality optics, but those are out of my price range.

I'm thinking another VX3 3.5-10x50 or similar Zeiss Conquest. How do the Zeiss stack up against Leupolds? Or... should I just stick w/ my tried & true Leupolds?
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If you have always been partial to Leupolds then I would say stay with what your happy with. My vote would be the VX-3L 4.5 X 14 X 50. I think it's $750 or something. If you want to try a Nikon for around $300 I would get a Buckmaster. I currently use a 3x9 but will re scope next year and will go with the Leupold I mentioned or save money and get the Nikon. I'm NO expert. Just another Deer Hunter giving my opinion.
The VX3 you mentioned is also really nice. People always tell me your paying for the name but I love how when you look into a Leupold it's like a light turns on its so clear.

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IMO, there are MANY good scopes out there. I like Leupy's ok as long as they are VX3's or 6's. I have a Zeiss Conquest that I like even better. Another great choice are the Sightron Big Sky scopes. I like the fact that their glass is good (L.O.W. in ***an) and they have a hydrophobic coating comparable to the Bushy Elites (also good, solid scopes). Both Meopta and Minox are players worthy of a look-see. I'm not much on Nikon's but some love them.
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Nikon Monarch that says it all, they are clear and I have never had any problems.
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check out burris black diamond
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Burris Euro Diamond and the sightron big sky is even better yet. 4.5-14x42 7 layer zact-7 revcoat multi-coatings on all internal surfaces and the exacttrack windage and elevation system. this level of the sightron goes in the 500.00 range and they only get better when your looking at the sightron 3SS models.
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I have used all 3 that you mentioned .... Leupold Vari-X III, Nikon Monarch and Ziess Conquest. All were about the same specification, 1" tube scopes variualbes. I still use a compact Vari X-III on my Marlin Guide and a Conquest on my CVA Optima muzzle loader. I sold the 2 Monarchs that I had.

Of these I prefer in this order: Conquest to the Leupold Vari -X III and either to the the Monarch which in my opinion for the cost comes is a distant third. The Monarchs I had were both good scopes no doubt. But I was very disappointed in the Monarch's perfomance in very low light. May have been just the two that I had, but for sure niether remained as crisp, or provided as much contrast or appeared to be as "bright" for as long as did the Conquest or Vari X-III. And frankly I am are talking maybe 10 minutes +/- of additional quality viewing.
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I have all 3, all are good. I'd rate them Zeiss, Leupy, Nikon. For the money, Conquest offers the most value in a scope at any price point in my opinion. Can't go wrong with these three.
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Zeiss, but you're going to have to pay for that kind of quality !
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Why do you need a new scope?
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