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Default Binoculars

I had no idea this forum existed. But I guess this is the place for my post. I'm in the market for some new binoculars, I have some old crumby pair. I was curious if anyone had any past expierence with brands or certain binoculars. I was looking at the Nikon Monarchs. I get a pretty good discount on binoculars, so spending some extra $ isn't so bad as the retail price. Let me know what you own or have owned, good or bad and why. Thanks.
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Default RE: Binoculars

I own the Pentax DCF SP's 12.5X50's and LOVE them. I recently went on a deer hunt here in southern Arizona and compared mine to a friend who has Swarovski's. His drew in a little more light late, and first thing in the morning, but other than that there was little to no difference!!!! I found just as many deer as he did, and at long ranges--out to a mile. He could not beleive that he paid 2000$ for his, and I paid 500$ for mine. They are worth every penny. Crystal clear, and built to last. It is best to use them on a tripod to illiminate movement. This is the key to finding game.

Good Luck
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Default RE: Binoculars

The more commonly suggested models, and with good reason, are the Nikon Monarchs, Bushnell Legends and many of the Vortex models. I have owned each of these models and can say that they do offer excellent performance versus price. If you are looking to upgrade from some of the sub-$100 models that most folks begin with then these are the models typically worth looking at. The above mentioned Pentax are also excellent for their price though they are a bit more expensive than the Monarchs, etc....
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Default RE: Binoculars

Monarch's for me...I now own 2 pair and love them both!
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Default RE: Binoculars

I like the Nikon's. I owner the cheaper Nikon Action Zoom 10-22X50 and I love them. They are very clear. The Monarchs are extremely nice!
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Default RE: Binoculars

I agree with PaBowhntr. I think the 8x monarchs are pretty hard to beat in this range, though haven't personally lloked through comparable vortex products either. If your wanting to go with 10X then the Alpen Shasta Ruidges IMO is comparable to the views/punch of the Monarch 8x model. If your optical use is a little more then gentle peering and wanting a higher mag like a 10x bin I suggest looking upwards to the mid level bins by Minox, Vortex, etc.

I used to think my Pentax sp's were pretty good but when comparing them to the set of Minox HG's I bought for my dad notso much. I was all set to buy a set for myself when I got an opportunity to buy some Swaro EL's and jumped on it. Unlike the other poster the EL's are superior to my eyes and wouldn't even put them close to the same league. Not all eyessee the same things,so I suggest you compare as many as possiblebefore buying.

Good Luck
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Default RE: Binoculars

I agree with skeeter. There is a differnce between optics. I personally use the Leica Ultrivids 10X42 and Im in the field from Sept to Dec just about everyday. Used them for afew years now. I couldnt be paid to go back to a lesser quality glass than a Leica or Swarovski or something simular. No headaches or eye strainafter glassing hours on end, great clarity during low light conditions, and crisp imagines. Are they worth the money?? In my opinion, yes.
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Default RE: Binoculars

I have 8x42 Monarchs in camo. Picked them up used for $200. I love them. I haven't really compared them to many of the higher end glass. If I were to use them on a daily basis I might consider spending that kind of money on a pair.

It's not a fair comparison but my buddy had an older pair of Swaro's. I didn't see enough differencein them to rush out and buy a pair. Don't get me wrong, Swaro, Leica's and the high end glass in very nice.

I'm very happy with my Monarch's. I've heard pretty good things about the Vortex's as well.

Good luck.
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Default RE: Binoculars

You might want to check out Birdforum.com. Birdwatchers may be a bit different, but they demand and know good optics.
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Default RE: Binoculars

Redhead Pursuit are nice, I bought the 10X42's from Bass Pro and are real happy with how bright and clear they are. 100%Waterproof, Fog proof, lifetime warranty, I liked them so much I went back and bought another pair in 8X25's.
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