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Sorry, guys, I gotta take a little sabbatical from here... >

Sorry, guys, I gotta take a little sabbatical from here...

Off Season This is the place to kick back and shoot the breeze.

Sorry, guys, I gotta take a little sabbatical from here...

Old 10-23-2020, 08:20 AM
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Ok mrbb. It's now apparent that we're talking about different pictures with different group sizes, claims, info, etc. Pretty much apples and oranges.
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Old 10-23-2020, 03:23 PM
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Default yes and againm, its also why I keep saying thsi whole tread should eb closed

Originally Posted by CalHunter View Post
Ok mrbb. It's now apparent that we're talking about different pictures with different group sizes, claims, info, etc. Pretty much apples and oranges.
and again its why I keep saying this whole tread should be closed and deleted
as its UN fair to have this OP< try and make others look like bullies or?? when he deleted what started the issue
its a very bias's topic here due to he deleted things, trying to make others look bad and such
its NOT fair to anyone that reads it

and quite frankly the things he has written on the target still posted is I gather against site rules, if they were written in a post they would be reasons for attention from a mod, so, having written ona target in a picture, was Butches PLAN to get back at folks and have his revenge for being called out for his false claim!

he even deleted things on several other sites he posted same things, and blaming US for being mean to him and BS
when again ONLY BS on the whole tread was HIS claim of a 1 inch group!
that was proven to NOT be one!
Only he deleted that picture that had his info on with size of things??
so, again, this tread needs to be deleted!, he has no right to call folks out for BS on him when there was none and worse yet, he deleted things to TRY and make other members here look bad!

his other tread should also be deleted IMO< for the name calling and such in picture left on it! and the fact, it makes NO sense without the first things he stated and showed in that first picture!
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Old 10-23-2020, 03:48 PM
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Good grief, enough of this TREAD. BTW, tread is on tires and the soles of our boots! Threads are on message boards.
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Old 10-23-2020, 05:24 PM
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Just going to clarify some things for those who don't know what happened. Although I didn't comment on it, I saw the original post and picture over on the “Guns” forum before it was edited and deleted, so I have some insight into this topic. The original post was as follows, which I was able to find because he had copy and pasted the same topic across multiple web forums:

Originally Posted by ButchA
{I wrote this post on Facebook - let's see if FB gets all weird over my scanned target photo}

Wow... Look at what I did (correction, look at what my Savage .308 rifle did at 100 yards!) I didn't do sh**, you know? I had my rifle locked in the benchrest and just focused, breathed, and gently squeezed the trigger. I didn't want to waste my 168gr BTHP target rounds, so I only took 5 shots, just to double check the accuracy of my rifle. The only error is I couldn't remember if I had my elevation turret set at 4 clicks (1 inch high), so I put it 4 more clicks (2" high at 100 yards -- oops), so I'm way way up over the bullseye. I would say I'm ready for deer season! The accuracy of a .308 rifle with 168gr BTHP rounds is amazing! Look close, that is 1" grouping at 100 yards at around 2" high with a secure bench rest!

Unfortunately, he must have deleted the picture from wherever it was hosted. However, the group in the picture was much bigger than the claimed 1” group. I estimated that it was more in the neighborhood of 3-4”, but there's no way now to confirm the exact size.

Here's a thread on another forum where someone else pointed out that his group wasn't what he had claimed, and he deleted everything there, too:

Here's a thread where he also deleted everything, despite no criticism, but he does mentioned being banned from a forum for "my temper against "keyboard warriors, ex-snipers, God's gift to all deer hunters...", etc.." I don't know if he's misrepresenting the thread here on HuntingNet, or referencing something that happened on another forum/Facebook page:

Finally, this one still has the original text which is what he'd posted along with the picture, although the picture is still missing.
Note that further down, he also states the following, likely in reference to here on HuntingNet:
Originally Posted by ButchA
It was another internet forum, where I seriously got into it with two members, and they went all haywire over the grouping of my .308 rifle rounds. To be blunt, they verbally attacked me, and I took serious offense and started deleting everything, and logged off that forum, and won't go back.

If that quote was directed towards here, then that's not quite true. The initial responses weren't verbal attacks, just constructive criticism of the grouping and his claim. For whatever reason, he took the responses hard.
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Old 10-23-2020, 05:52 PM
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Thanks for the background info TN Lone Wolf. Sounds like like he's got some problems strung across several forums. Some people just flame out like that and can't seem to take a couple deep breaths and regroup. Probably explains somewhat the groups he was getting. Some of the other guys above need to take a few deep breaths also. I'm seeing a lot of words capitalized like some snarky little schoolgirl. Say what ya gotta say and be done with it. You only embarrass yourself with all of the little crap like that. And if you can't discuss something without locking your cap button on, well, ya prolly ought to go hang out with the original poster cause you seem to have the same anger management issues. go ahead, flame on me with your caps button. I won't see it cause I'm not gonna waste my time reading this lame thread that some of you can't walk away from. I'm also gonna have to watch a couple of you in future posts. i used to read what you posted for the good info but now it just looks like you're walter mattheau in grumpy old men. Heck, maybe I should just use that ignore button that flags is always talking about. If I'm out of line here mods, go ahead and ban me. If you do, you ought to look closer at 2 of the guys above who should also get hit with the same ban stick. elk out.

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