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EShoreMD 06-04-2019 03:01 AM

Originally Posted by Hultage (Post 4356592)
One of the things I love most about baseball is the battle between pitcher and batter. This is the point of tension that the whole game turns on. What is the pitcher going to do? What kind of pitch will he throw? What about the runner on first? How will the batter respond? Will he let it go for a ball? Foul it off? Put it in to play?

Exactly. People that say its a boring game dont understand this.

Fieldmouse 06-04-2019 02:17 PM

I guess I just became a royals fan

Bobby Witt JR second overall pick right out of high school. His dad was #3 out of college.
Way to go Bobby!

salukipv1 06-07-2019 03:39 PM

I think it was Oregon who had a kid a year or 2 ago, 2nd best pitcher in the nation and can't get a job with any MLB team...

Fieldmouse 06-09-2019 04:06 AM

Vandy's Freshman pitcher made history last night with no hitter. I was telling my wife when he was pitching a few weeks ago that this kid was amazing. What away to step up in a must win game.

thundermug 06-14-2019 12:22 AM

Originally Posted by ButchA (Post 4356543)
Baseball? It's gotta be the NY Mets! I've been a Mets fan since day one, and have been to Shea Stadium ... you can't be a Mets fan and a Yankees fan. It's not allowed. You have to choose one over the other. It's a New York thing... Ha ha ha ha... :D

Isn't that sacriledge?

ButchA 06-15-2019 06:22 PM

Nope... Just like with NHL Hockey. You can be a NY Rangers fan or a NY Islanders fan. You can't be both...

Fieldmouse 06-20-2019 12:38 PM

Vandy Baseball still kicking butt and getting the job done. One win away from going to the finals.

Fieldmouse 06-27-2019 06:32 AM

Vandy Baseball goes out on top! I don't know but perhaps the baseball bug bit me this year. I will enjoy watching Rocker play in the coming years. I also wish everyone who was drafted good luck Our friends son was ready to just go to work but his parents convinced him to give it 3 years and see if he can't make it to the show. I agree.

Fieldmouse 06-29-2019 01:31 PM

After the game from the coach

An hour after winning a national title in his last collegiate game....

Stephen Scott stayed & picked up every piece of trash in our dugout.

No one asked him to, & he didnít see me sneak this picture.

He just did what was right.

Leaders Eat Last until the end.
Via: Brooks Webb

blake24 07-02-2019 04:13 AM

Well I'm not a big fan but my father is a big Red Sox fan so I had to watch all the games when I was a kid

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