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He finaly showed up

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He finaly showed up

Old 11-27-2010, 07:17 PM
Typical Buck
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Default He finaly showed up

I got a shot at this guy a week ago .
Remember I said I was frustrated I missed , then after checking my 270 WSM my scope was off .
Well after a lot of persistance and some patiance he showed up again .
I,m sure I will have many hunters that wont believe me when I tell the short story ..
Well I missed this deer after a very quick shot as he was stepping into the woods with his ass facing me .
I had one quick shot at him , I missed and the gun was later tested at the range and was shooting 4 inches or so high .
I guess part of getting ( not old ) but older you tend to do a little more unintentional bumping
I went away for 4 days , came back and started looking for him again . I tried 2 of my stands ,,
One stand was hooter then the other so I hunted it in the am and some pm hunts, I looked for tracks , rubs, scrapes , etc. Found some good srapes but apparently the rut is near the end here in Northern NY .
He came in fromt the opposite side I had seen all the recent racked bucks ( including him ) come in.
So he is actualy crossing a huge field at 8 am .Hes at 600 yards.
I look down the field and see a deer , I look through my binocs and see its him,
So I tried grunting he stops for a couple seconds then starts walking in the same direction, so I rattled a little with a rattle bag , He seamed to be curious but just for a few more seconds , He starts walking again to my left stil at 600 plus yards .
I took a couple ranges with my LEICA range finder and he was abought 650 yards and 30 yards from entering the woods again
I could tell he was not intrested in what was on my end of the woods .
So I figured its now or never .
I,ve never even attempted a shot that far but I figured if I miss hes gone and if I dont shoot hes gone ..
So I got as steady as I could , aimed and fired .
The deer flinched , took a step and looked in my direction .
I aim a gain tried to be as steady as I could
Squeezed the trigger and aparently was moving as I was VERY nervous ..
Bang ,,, the buck drops to the ground . I could not believe it .
He was down and at over 600 yards ,,,
I packed up my back pack , reloaded and couldnt wait to go back after the Polaris XP....
Well I realzed I,d forgoten my cell phone, unstant camera was abought out of pics .. AARRGHHH..
I went down brought the deer up to the same tree I used to hang my big 9 pointer 7 years ago .
Wnet to the truck , went home , got the wife , 2 cameras and my phone ,
Went back to the lot took , pics, pics and pics , gutted him out put him on the 4 wheeler and entered him in a big buck contest.

He is a 10 pointer ( my first)
He is in full rut ( and stinks)
His spine is way up .
Hard to believe he waid in at 162 lbs.
I,m sure he lost 20 plus lbs chasing all the does around .
What a GREAT DAY .
Wishing everyone best of luck ..
Ever think it may be your year for a big one ?? I DID ....
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Old 11-27-2010, 07:35 PM
Typical Buck
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Default Another pic

I,ll try another pic .. Most are to big ...
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Old 11-27-2010, 08:39 PM
Typical Buck
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Default another one

Hers another pic...
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Old 11-28-2010, 03:48 AM
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I have just read your story and was curious how high did you aim above the dear to hit him at 600 yards. That is some distance to shoot.
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Old 11-28-2010, 06:48 PM
Typical Buck
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Default yes it is

I put a new Nikon Monarc 3-9x40 BDC scope on my Browning short trac 270 WSM .
It has the dots for bullet drop right in the scope,
Goes from cross hairs to dots to a solid line .
600 yards landed on the last solid line and I aim for his upper body .
600 yards he look like a bamby , I new he was a big deer .
His front hoofs are over 3 1/2 " long .
He has the same genetic looks as a 216 lb. dressed 9 pointer I shot at the same general location in 2003 .
He looks like a 180 plus lb. deer but only weighed 162 or so .
His spine was sticking way up .. Running dose for a coiple weeks ..
I new it would be near impossible to get anyone to believe me on the distance .
I use a Lieca 1200 yard range finder , Nikon Monarch binocs and scopes ..
I found out its better to buy the best you can EARLY in your hunting carrier, rather then skimp and pay for it .
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Old 11-28-2010, 09:00 PM
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Good Job...Congratulations!
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Old 11-29-2010, 04:15 AM
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Nice looking deer and a great story. Sounds like your rifle setup is a good one.
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Old 11-29-2010, 08:22 AM
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Wow, I;ve never seen a deer stand up that straight before. Cool, nice buck
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Old 11-29-2010, 05:40 PM
Typical Buck
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Default Thanks guys..

I,ll admit , I had a GREAT year hunting this year .
I,m very happy , I have a freezer full plus gave quite a bit away .
Now I have another mount for the wall .
I usualy go abought 6 to 7 years before I get a nice buck .
Funny thing is the wife said , no more mounts on the wall all season ,
I had her come with me for the first time .
After seeing the Buck , first the she said was . ARE YOU GOING TO HAVE IT MOUNTED .. LOL...
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Old 12-03-2010, 08:17 AM
Fork Horn
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no way you should have shot at that deer either time u saw it. walking away then at 600yards your lucky you didn't wound that deer or lost it
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