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Default WTB: T/C Thunderhawk Rifle in 54 cal

Looking for the Thunderhawk rifle in 54cal. Blue or stainless but must have synthetic stock. Would prefer one with the 209 conversion kit but will consider all.
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Default TC .54 Thunderhawk Shadow

I just listed a TC .54 Thunderhawk Shadow with a Simmons 3-9x scope. I will sell with or without scope.

[email protected]
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If you happen to get a Thunderhawk without the 209 conversion I have a 209 conversion kit that's new in the package I'd sell you. Bought it for my 50 cal years ago and never even opened it.
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Default T/C 54 Cal FireHawk

I have a T/C 54 Cal FireHawk rifle in stailess with the sythetic advantage camo stock. This rifle has the 24" barrel, the 209 ignition system, as well as the polymer coated ramrod. Rifle is in "like new" condition.

I know you are looking for the ThunderHawk, but I own and shoot both. I can honestly say that other than the safety system, they shoot identical. The FireHawk has a much more 'user friendly' safety system. These early T/C inlines set the bar.

Not trying to disuade you in any way, if you are interested in my rifle, I'm looking for $200 and actual shipping, provided no FFL tarnsfer is required. I'd also consider a trade of some type.
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Default Thread Closed Thunderhawk Purchased

Thanks to all who replied. Jim I interested in the 209 conversion kit you offerred.
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i got a new never fired 58cal i would sell if price is right
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