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Are CWD deer safe to eat???

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Are CWD deer safe to eat???

Old 01-04-2005, 06:57 PM
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Default Are CWD deer safe to eat???

Mine taste delicous. Our group took more than 17 deer withing the CWD area. Of those, the Wisconsin DNR only took a sample from one deer. I tried to refuse but they threatened me with a large fine. I just got a slip in the mail today telling me that the deer tested negitive for CWD, but that does not mean that it is absolutly free of CWD and that it may not be safe to eat. Well guess what DNR? that deer has already been consumed, by me, my neighbors, freinds, and coworkers. Nope.... No ones dead yet. I read CWD kills deer within a couple years, so if this is true, and there little scare tactic about CWD killing people is true, shouldnt people be dropping like flys?? I think way more than what are tested are getting consumed, where are all the casualtys And you know what? These deer are dieing in the woods... Right? There also getting hit by cars too, and dyeing, right? Anybody seeing dead coyotes and crows? How about fox's? And all the other critters that eat these deer... and every part of them. Shouldn't these animals be turning up dead all over the place if this desease was trasferable? Or maybe, just maybe, this could be a scare tactic to get us all to go along with the DNR's demented plan?
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Old 01-05-2005, 10:05 AM
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Default RE: Are CWD deer safe to eat???

Without permission from:


Can Humans Get CWD?

Though many observers try to compare CWD with "mad cow disease", they are distinctly different. Currently, there is no evidence that CWD poses a risk for humans; however, public health officials recommend that human exposure to the CWD infectious agent be avoided as they continue to evaluate any potential health risk.

The World Health Organization has reviewed available scientific information and concluded that currently there is no evidence that CWD can be transmitted to humans. During the period 1997-1998, three cases of sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) occurred in the U.S. in young adults. These individuals had consumed venison. This led to speculation about possible transmission of CWD from deer or elk to humans. However, review of the clinical records and pathological studies of all three cases by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia, did not find a causal link to CWD.

Nonetheless, health and wildlife officials advise caution. Hunters are encouraged not to consume meat from animals known to be infected. In addition, hunters should take common sense precautions when field dressing and processing deer or elk taken in areas where CWD is found.

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Old 01-05-2005, 05:33 PM
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Default RE: Are CWD deer safe to eat???

I have said this many times before and I'll say it again, I believe,some deer have always had this and they have just coined the name for this occurance a few years back.It probably has been existant for decades.
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Old 01-05-2005, 06:21 PM
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Default RE: Are CWD deer safe to eat???

Ive eaten deer from CWD areas, my friend has eaten 2 that have tested positive for CWD and hes fine. I think it only effects people that are already sick or somthing like that.
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Default RE: Are CWD deer safe to eat???

I was employed with the CWD research sector of the Colorado DOW health lab in 04...

To be honest, while the researchers are currently investigating the disease's pathophysiology, there is not enough evidence to issue a cut-and-dry answer to your question.

My personal philosophy involves consuming my harvested meat and enjoying it! I have eaten CWD-infected venison, as well as an elk taken from a CWD-endemic area that was not sampled and tested.

The mutated prion protein--the causative etiological agent of CWD--congregates predominantly in central nervous system and lymphoid tissues...so just don't go eating brains, spleens, or lymph nodes!

As for why those of us who have consumed CWD-infected meat have not exhibited symptoms, many reasons can be offered. The incubation time until symptoms manifest may be of a long duration, possible 20 yrs or more.

Dead_eye refers to the Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy (TSE) (CWD is in the TSE family as well) new variant CJD (nvCJD) that a very small percentage of hunters have died from. Some were immunocompromised individuals.

A note of clarification - CWD is so far found to infect the cervidae family, and even so only whitetails, mulies, and elk...no, not moose! (yet, anyway, moose are still CWD-tested on a regular basis)

And I believe there is validity in Dr Stalker's presumption...CWD has been labeled so for a couple decades, and before that there is little to no doubt that it existed.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

Use common sense, but enjoy your harvests!

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