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t.shaffer 01-19-2020 03:28 AM

ohio dnr small game proposals
ohio odnr has come out with some proposals for the up coming 2020- 2021 hunting season. first & i believe is a good one is beginning 2021 spring turkey season would begin on a saturday instead of monday giving the hunters a extra 2 days or a extra weekend for spring turkey. the second one is & i don't care for it & don't believe it will pass is you will be required to puchase a fur burring license to hunt or shoot coyotes .that would be a extra 15.00to hunt these critters during the season especially during the deer season. it's hard enough get people to buy regular hunting license . so it would be illegal to shot a coyote while deer hunting.which i've done quite a few times .now to hunt deer it cost 19 for a regular license 31.50 for a deer tag & now they want to add another 15 dollars to shoot a yote. so now it would go from 50 to 65 dollars to shoot a predator while hunting a deer . i don't see allot of guys buying the extra tag . but will still end up shooting a yote & just leaving it there . just another way to bleed us for more money

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