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Energizer LITHIUM Batteries

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Energizer LITHIUM Batteries

Old 12-25-2018, 07:10 AM
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Default Energizer LITHIUM Batteries

I know this might not be the right forum to discuss this but I love all kind of hunting and setting out trail cameras, and I'm sure others might have had this same problem, and I would like your input. As far as I'm concerned, Energizer Lithium batteries are nothing but JUNK! I put out my wire trail camera a week ago, I installed 12 Energizer Lithium batteries and they were fried in less than a week. This is not the first time this has happened, earlier this season the same thing occurred. I thought it was human error the first time and gave these batteries the benefit of my doubt. Has anyone else experienced this same thing? As far as I'm concerned, I have had better success with Duracell in all of my other cameras.
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Old 12-25-2018, 07:19 AM
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This has been moved to the appropriate forum where it should get more responses and also doesn't violate the rules.

On a personal note, I've been using these batteries in game cams for the past 2 years and have not had any problems with them. What kind of cams were you using and how many pictures did you get? Also, are you testing each battery with a battery tester?
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Old 12-29-2018, 09:01 AM
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Like CalHunter said volt test the batteries. Most times they are daisy chained, hooked in series, so the end voltage isn't 1.5 volts but 4.5 volts or more. If one battery in the chain is bad or weak the whole chain is bad or weak.
I use nothing but rechargeable batteries anymore. I bought three combo Envelope (Sanyo), four batteries with charger sets and another package of twelve. I have one set on the charger at all times. I caught them on sale on Amazon. Been using them for years, they've paid for themselves many times over.

Generally speaking the rechargeable batteries with the larger milli-amp ratings last longer. But it isn't always price that tells the story, I have some off brand cheapies that work as well as the name brand. I've also tossed some as junk. Kind of a gamble that sometimes pays off. Like I said those with a higher milli-amp rating tend to last longer.
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Old 12-29-2018, 03:51 PM
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So couple of things. First Cold kills batts really really fast. Second some cams have a setting for lithium or Alk batts make sure that is right if you have the option, 3rd I did side by side comparisions of Duracell, Energizer, and The orange Harbor Frieght brand batts, and the Energizer Ultimate lithium Batteries. For length of duty and overall pic count the lithium batteries won, but not by enough to convince me to pay the difference. What surprised me was the HF batts beat both the Duracell and the Energizer by a substantial margin. I don't have all the numbers in front of me, but I can try to find the spread sheets where I had it all broke down. My process was 4 of the same cams numbered. I ran each cam until all cams were dead. I then rotated cams to a diff type of batts to make sure one cam wasn't using more then another. I did 4 different runs to get each type of batt in each cam. The whole thing took a year and a half.
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Old 12-29-2018, 05:00 PM
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many of the harbor freight battery's I have tested BEFORE use, have all tested HIGH, like AA batteries I got a few weeks ago all tested like 1.9 volts, I also test ALL batteries before installing any in any camera or item, nothing sucks more than p;lacing a camera out or going to use a flashlight you packed away to find it doesn't work due to bad batteries in it!
but maybe why HF batteries last long, they just start of HIGHER than many others I have! from brand names company's
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Old 12-29-2018, 09:19 PM
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I'll have to check out the HF batteries.
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