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Frozen in Wyoming...

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Default Frozen in Wyoming...

Just got back from an Elk hunt in Wyoming and learned some things about waterproofing, layering and staying warm (1st first elk hunt in this type of terrain). I was glassing while atop overlooks when the skies opened up and started to rain, sleet, and fog. I ended up getting wet and got very COLD while I was far away from base camp. I was wearing on old saddle cloth jacket that had 'teflon' water repellent coating and a breathable membrane. This jacket has been very good to me over the years, however, this time the jacket soaked up the rain like a sponge. I am convinced that this interfered with the breathability of the jacket and I became wet from both condensation and perspiration. Since that day, I have resolved to do EVERYTHING in my power to prevent this from happening again. Therefore, my plan of action is this:

1) Fabricate a rain poncho made of a QUITE WATERPROOF camo fabric that I can pack small and use if the skies open up. All 'packable' rain ponchos and/or rain systems that I have seen are quite noisy.

2) Use either lightweight wool (Weatherby Midweight wool) or Cabela's microtex for my outer layer.

3) lightweight silk/ capilene underwear for a base layer for wicking. For colder weather, use either a wool blend, polar fleece or underarmour cold gear.

I cannot find any of the more technologically advanced fabrics available in a rain poncho configuration (Only PVC vinyl or a coated ripstop nylon)...probably because you can sell more items if you offer only waterproof jackets, bibs, and pants. Let me know what you guys think

Thanks, GSJohnny

P.S. My wife thinks that I am crazy...
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Default RE: Frozen in Wyoming...

johnny - Cabelas has a nice fairly quiet rain outfit. Not sure what they call it but I have the jacket and pants and they cost around $60 each. They are cut big enough to fit over your outer garments and seem to work pretty good. I too was out in WY this year and was lucky enough to get my suit on before it started to pour down on me. The only thing that got wet on me was the brim of my hat. you may want to check this out as the entire outfit will fit in about 1/3 of a normal sized backpack.
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Default RE: Frozen in Wyoming...

I also have Cabelas low cost breathable rain gear that Bronko describes. It is in Cabelas catalog as "Packable Raingear". It has Cabelas version of Gore-Tex, aka Dry-Plus. This stuff works. I was in Colorado, north of Steamboat and on the Colorado-Wyoming border a couple of weeks ago also. It rained or snowed almost everyday I was there. I was dry and warm the whole time. I have the rain jacket and also the pants. In the rain, I wear both. In the snow or just cold, I wear only the jacket and regular hunting pants. Both garments pack down quite well and stow in my day pack easily. I never go out without the jacket. The jacket is quiet and also very windproof. I wear it as the outer layer in my attire. Generally, when walking in the cold, snow/rain, I'll have on a non-cotton t-shirt, a sweatshirt and the rain jacket. I never get cold while walking in this setup. If I have to sit, I'll add some sort of jacket beneath the rain jacket, especially a down one I have that I like.
All in all, I can't say enough about Cabelas "Packable Raingear". It is, far and away, my favorite hunting gear in virtually all conditions.

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Default RE: Frozen in Wyoming...


I too lived out west for many many years, and never had the real need for "quality" rain gear. Once I moved to Alaska, I soon found out what "raingear" is all about. I have the Cabela's Dry Suit, and it's pretty good, but it is NOT 100% waterproof -- no gortex really is.

The alternative is the Helly Hanson type of PVC suits, that are waterproof, but will make you sweat.

Bottom Line -- you will get wet no matter what.

As for layering, excellent advice. I do not bring a parka on my hunts. My base layer is wool underwear (SmartWool - this stuff is great if you ever get a pair Merino Wool is just amazingly soft), followed by wool pants and wool shirt. I treat both with some silicon spray prior to the hunt. I then use a light fleece jacket and finally the rain gear (again, the silicon spray). I also bring along a wool sweater for another layer if needed under the jacket.

This allows me to hunt down to -15 if need be, and upto 50 if need be. with minimal bulk
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Default RE: Frozen in Wyoming...

I wear polypropelene for an underlayer(to wick away moisture) followed by polar fleece(lightweight insulation) and an outer layer of goretex(wind proof and waterproof).I have found this to be the warmest combination for our harsh Alberta and Saskatchewan climate.As to whether or not goretex is waterproof,I can only say that I was caught in several very heavy downpours for extended periods of time and remained dry.
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Default RE: Frozen in Wyoming...


Go spend ten days goat hunting on Kodiak Island and you will see exactly what I mean about gor-tex not really being 100% waterproof. The good news is, most guys will never subject their rain gear to the types of conditions found in Southeast Alaska, so it should be adequate.
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Default RE: Frozen in Wyoming...

I too use the Cabelas packable rain gear. It is quiet. And fairly waterproof. Got me through Spring Gobbler in Kentucky without getting wet except once. A steady downpour for 2 hours got the cuffs wet. Here is a thought. In a steady downpour does it matter how quiet your raingear is? I used to keep a military poncho in a pack for rain. Not sure what happened to that thing. It probably saved me from hypothermia one spring on a canoe trip. I capsized and got wet. Made it to the bank and it started to rain. The temp was 40 F and dropping. I pulled three saplings together and tied them, dropped the poncho over the top and got inside. I stripped down and started a small fire inside. after about 4 hours the rain stopped and I was able to get my clothes strung up and dried. That poncho was worth every penny of the $15 it cost at the surplus store.
But if you can swing the $125 you can get a camo breathable suit from Cabelas and should be fine in most situations with the exception of a rainforest or SE Alaska it seems.
Layering is always smart. I start with a wicking layer. [Still using polypropelene not sure if they even make it anymore. The merino wool will be my next purchase from Filson.]
Then comes the wool. Fleece is fine unless I think its going to rain. Wool retains its insulating qualities when its wet better than anything
More wool for the next layer if needed
Then the shell. The spray silicone is always money well spent.
Never cotton unless I'm close to the truck. Cotton can kill you in wet cold weather. The only cotton I use is Filson waxed tin cloth.

PS I think I saw that Cabelas is making the raingear in Bibs as well this fall.
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Default RE: Frozen in Wyoming...

check for Frog Toggs rain suits I've ever worn. Like 60 for the whole suit
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Default RE: Frozen in Wyoming... ......better link
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Default RE: Frozen in Wyoming...

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Quick Reply: Frozen in Wyoming...

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