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Head lamp

Old 11-26-2021, 04:45 PM
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Default Head lamp

Curious what's a good head lamp on the market, thanks!
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Old 11-26-2021, 05:22 PM
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this ia a harder question for me to answer, as it sort of comes down to what all you need the light to do
some of the best for working on things, are super bright, but from one's I have, battery's don't last so long

some of my smaller LED one's
batteries last forever, but they don;'t make a ton of light, enough to get into a stand in the dark or out, and some other things,
so all maybe comes down to what you need a headlamp for?
I will say one of my fav smaller lights, not a true HEADLAMP one, but can be used as one
has been Streamlight's CLIP MATE lights, small pack easy battery life is long, 40+ hours NON stop, and the little clip allows it to be attached and angled to almost anything to make hands free use easy

but again there NOT super bright lights out there but do have again LONG life, and fit in sm,all pockets or tool boxes /first aid kits or??
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Old 12-01-2021, 09:53 AM
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I’ve been using “headlamps” with considerable regularity since the mid-1990’s. My current “fleet” for my family are Coast brand headlamps, all of which are LED lamps and have variable beam focus and rheostatic brightness control. I use multiple models for various tasks - I have multiple HL7’s for lightweight and compact size, plus an HL8 and an HL8R for extreme brightness without committing to the extreme size of larger battery packs or especially to incandescent lamps. I keep an HL7 in each of our vehicles as well for “emergency” use, another in my garage toolbox which typically supplants my corded drop lights for small tasks under the hood, another hanging on the hat rack at the backdoor for expedient access.
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Old 12-01-2021, 08:46 PM
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I'll 2nd NoMercy on Coast headlamps. They run off AAA batteries and put out a lot of light. The model and brightness level that works best for you is something only you can decide. Where I hunt, it's open grass country with scattered oak trees so I need something that can show critters, etc. up to 200 yards away. I've found that anything over 400 lumens does that so buy my headlamps accordingly. The batteries tend to last me at least a deer season with multiple night hunts Instead of carrying spare batteries, I carry a spare headlamp. I've also noticed that it's much more comfortable to wear the light over a hat with a brim so the light at the side of the lamp doesn't get near my eyes. You may not need that level of brightness depending on the terrain you hunt so could use one of the headlamps with a lower lumen rating. If so, your batteries will last a little longer than mine.
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I know what you mean about using a hat brim to block any ambient light or protect your eyes in case the light shifts.
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I just got an Outad headlamp (Amazon) that I'm happy with so far. The price is right and it does many things well. High light that is really bright, low light that is enough in most situations, very low white or red light for walking into your high seat or blind, a USB charger and it is waterproof, I hope it lasts, time will tell. My old headlamp from Cree is still going strong after more than a decade, used often six times a week. I have a Browning clip onto hat brim low light lamp, not much more light than a candle. I got it as a giveaway at a firearms exposition.
I also have a hand held pistol grip type spotlight, Dewalt, that uses the same 18-volt battery as my drill and charger. Pretty much the Cats ass if you have to track at night. It throws a nice beam out to around a quarter of a mile.
Something to think about is reflected moonlight with the light off. I once watched a buddy blink his way through the fields with his light off, I pay attention now. I don't know about your Hogs, ours will spook at any light, even a car at half a mile or so. I've spooked them with the low battery light on my thermal scope. Anybody who says a Hog can't see a red LED is likely mistaken.

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I use a Hybridlight Nav light. Can function as a headband or has a super clip for a ball cap brim. Its rechargeable. Has dual power or low or high.
Light colors from white to green or red.
And is LED.

I mainly use green walking in. But switch to white when I'm in the blind.

The beam is adjustable up and down.

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I have been using Fenix flashlights and headlamps for awhile now. They are super bright which I need for my old eyes. Been very happy with them.
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I hadn't considered these lights due to the higher price point and I'm kind of on the fence about rechargeable batteries (if the internal battery goes bad, you're kind of stuck with the non functioning unit). I looked at your link and was surprised to find that some of the Fenyx headlamps have an internal battery and can also use regular batteries as a backup. That sounds very interesting.
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I have had the LEDlenser h14 for about 5 years.It used 4 AA batteries and can light up a field at 100 yards easy. You can adjust it wide angle or telescope it in for spot lighting. I even had a red cap that goes over it for Predator hunting. The only negative is the weight of the 4 batteries in the back, but you get used to it.

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