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treestand height

Old 09-21-2013, 07:36 PM
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12' is good for some people but in reality if its not a ladder stand right out of the box that's pretty low. All of my stands except for 2 ladder stands I have that are 15', I have 3 or 4 portable stands that are 18'-20' high. One of my stands has the climbing sticks and there are 5 sections 4' high each. The higher the better as far as scent control and vision goes but on the same token, to high is not good especially with a bow because of the drastic angle you must shoot. There is a guy in my hunting club that has every one of his stands 25' high. To me that's just to much. He has taken some beautiful bucks with his bow and had perfect shots but he always says how he always has to double think the shot or how he has less shooting lanes than if he was lower in the tree. So yea id say a minimum of 16 feet.
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I have hunted from 8 feet off the ground to 20ft off the ground with many nice deer taken and I feel it depends on what the hunter feels comfortable with. Many hunters don't realize that the higher the stand the angle of projection of the shot changes. I have heard guys say I can't believe I missed that deer and shot under or over the animal. Just remember just be careful with what ever height your sitting in a tree and make sure your safety harness is on and works correct.
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I use a climber and always try to get at least 20 feet up. I see way more deer at 20 feet than I did at 12-14 feet.
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In my experience I will decide on a stand or on ground depending on the area that I'm in. I hunt ground when I'm in the cedars or pines. hardwoods or at the edge of the tick stuff I'll hunt in a stand usually 15 ft.
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Old 09-29-2013, 08:49 PM
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Default Tree Stand Height

Originally Posted by bigmster127
what is everybodies preferred height in a treestand? has anybody seen deer out of a stand at 12ft? im not a height person but im more comfortable at 12 than i am at 16. is 12 to low or does it depend the terrain? looking at putting a ladder stand on flat terrain.
Preferred height is the one that works best for the area you are hunting in. I prefer 20'-22', but that is with a safety harness and a life line. If you want to minimize scent you have to go 20' or higher. If you only want more visibility over hunting from the ground 10-12 ft. is perfect.

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Old 10-01-2013, 01:07 PM
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I have the feeling that this is a topic that can be discussed forever. It depends on the environment and your personal height. Usually peope go for 12 - 18 ft. Somewhere in between you should hunt perfectly if you are a 1,70m hunter. You need to feel confortable. Everything above 10 ft increases your chances. Good luck!
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I go 25 feet up in a climber. Got that high on sSaturday and realized the bow cord wasn't attached uggh. I climb back down and climb out of stand to hook up the bow. Go back up and brain fart. Forgot the tree strap at the base of the tree. I go macgyfer and use the rope that attaches both stands together as a tree strap. SSurvived that hunt and didn't see anything. The up and down circus was at 5 am . I bring climbers in onFriday nights and lock them up. Only 1 Or two bow hunters are out an a bout. . 2y, .eh
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At least 20 feet is what I prefer. Also depends on how much vegetation is behind me to break up my outline. HD.
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I always base it upon the situation. I have some stands that are only 16'. I also have 2 stands that are pushing 30'. It just depends. The stands that are near 30' are in a pressured are where the bucks are very skittish and very wary. The tree my stand is placed in is great concealment where I have the stand in a sort of "crows nest" where the tree splits open enough between multiple branches to keep me very well concealed. Personally I feel most comfortable around 20'-22'. But the best way to go is whatever the situation calls for and you being comfortable with it.
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Depends on terrain, tree canopy, brush, background, etc.... I have hunted between 12 feet and 30 feet in my climber this season.
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