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Fork Horn
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Default Baking Soda Scent Control

Anyone ever done this?

For the last several years I have been washing my hunting clothes in the washing machine as usual but instead of scent free detergent, I've been using a 1lb box of baking soda, then sun-drying the clothes outdoors.

I think most of the scent I would get is in the dryer anyway from all the residual smell of dryer-sheets.

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I agree....the dryer sheets will mess up the whole process. One thing I've done....especially in the early season....is air dry my hunting clothes when I return....(I sweat).....then, when dry...will shake them in a bag with baking soda before putting them away.....
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Anytime I was something that I am going to be wearing in the woods, I use baking soda. This is primarily underwear long jons and socks and t-shirt but anything else as well.
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definitely running your clothes through the washer and dryer is a big mistake, as far as scent control goes. you are putting your clothes in a skin cell haven. you need a container for scentfree only stuff.
washing in baking soda is the #1 way. rinse thoroughly. hang in the woods to dry. store local surroundings in your bag with your dried gear. ig leaves, pine needles, dirt etc..
this is a lil exasperated, but will give ya an idea.
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Default Did a test last year

The commercial company detergent I was using, made a liquid scent free and no ultra-violet brightener, switched. It went from no UV brighteners to UV brighteners.

I went to putting the minimum amount of water in the washing machine, then adding some baking soda and borax(twenty mule team), two parts to one part.

Then only as many clothes would fit in the water. If you dry them in the dryer make sure the rest of the household is using scent free commercial cleaning detergent. Or hang them outside if possible.

So now I get less expensive cleaned clothes, that are odor free and UV brightener free. (tested them under a black light in a darkened room)
Not only that, I found that most people use too much water and too much detergent. By putting the water in the washer first, then adding the baking soda and borax, I could check out the water between my fingers. Then I would experiment with less and less baking soda and borax. Surprisingly I found less stuff was needed, and that saved money.

Good luck. I went from using the new formula for just hunting clothing to all my clothing wear.

Every now and then on walks through the neighborhood, I'll whiff a strong scent of perfumed washing detergent. You know for sure deer can scent it too.
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Yep, been using baking soda forever! I usually rub a handful on my clothing on the way out to hunt also.
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Fork Horn
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I have gotten extra careful on occasion and ran an empty load through the washer (just water and 1lb baking soda, no clothes) before I wash my hunting clothes to help rid the washer of any scented residue.

I also leave the clothes hanging out on our covered deck as long as possible before the hunt. If I bring them in, I seal them in a plastic bag or other container, usually the night before at the earliest.


I started using the baking soda because it became almost impossible for me to find truly unscented products for washing, and even when I could, who really knows amongst all the chemicals what smells to a deer.

I feel pretty safe with the baking soda and I have harvested some deer within 40 yards and less since using it. The closest was less than 15 yards.

And, baking soda is CHEAP!!

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I always wash my hunting gear with baking soda, doesn't every one?
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The best way of washing my hunting clothes by dipped in cold water first, that will make the clothes free from any type of debris, then i use the baking soda to wash them, and dry in Sun light.

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Been using Baking Soda for years....No dryer, drip dry only.....In Florida I also use Siberean Pine Oil when the clothes are Sun dryed...
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