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Default ticks

does anyone know of a tick repellant that will not affect deer.
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sawyers is a relatively scent free repellent. It comes from a certain flower. You can get it at BASSPRO. I use it on all of my hunting clothes and it works awesome. Make sure you follow the directions and dont let it get on your skin.

Here's the link:
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Originally Posted by Otsdawa_Game_Hunter View Post
sawyers is a relatively scent free repellent. It comes from a certain flower.
+1, very effective. When applied to clothing and allowed to dry, will last for a couple of weeks. Totally scent free. Available almost everywhere in tick country, or on the net
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Permethrin based sprays are the way to go, I also have Sawyer and or Repel.
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Permethrin is a man made synthectic insecticide. It is not derived from a flower.
Thats Pyrethrin which is very photo sensitive and degrades quickly in sunlight.

Permethrin is widely used in the agriculture industry. It also has a fairly good residual life. But should never be used on your skin.
There is another product Permaban which is a topical clothes spray.

Ticks can not cling to that green rubber we see in our fiekd boots.
I try to keep ticks out as the only exposed skin areas are my hands or neck. I wear light long jons with socks pulled over and a long sleeved top.
Basically sealed my self.
When done hunting for the day put your field clothes in a dryer at a hot setting. The heat will kill ticks.
Do NOT put your field clothes close to or on your bedding area.
If in the field put your field clothes in plastic bag and seal. You could spray a two second burst of any home areosol insecticide and the seal. That will fumigate your clothes.

After you have removed your field clothes do a quick body check using a mirror.
NEVER Burn or hold a lighted match to any tick. That tick when attached is like a hypodermic needle.
Never squeeze an attached tick.
Ticks only bury their mouthparts in you NOT their whole body.
Prompt tick removal is a must.
Once removed tape that tick to a file card and mark rhe date and area of the part of your body you where bit.
It can help determine if the tick was infected.
Once removed I use an antibiotic cream.
Some tic j s people will swell up in the bite location. I do with the brown dog tick. THE bite site will itch for months.
At one time when employed I field tested tick products.

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Great info I have a friend who now has lyme. Here in Canada our medical system seems to believe that lyme is only in ticks in the U.S. We are basically on our own if we get a tick bite. We might get help if they see the bulls eye rash.
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I was bitten and got Lymes this Spring. The tick was not attached but the classic bulls eye appeared. Took a med that was (doxiycylin, sp) and it works you over also. Felt a lot like the flu. A farmer told me the best way to remove then is to saturate a cotton ball with fingernail polish remover and tape over the tick. He claims they back out in about 5-10 mins and they don't release toxins. I can tell you I don't want bitten again.
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My wife and friend never knew they were bitten and have lyme for life now. The flu would be a treat to them. My friend is 24 and walks and moves like a 80 year old man.
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Wild bill, Just moved to this area and a lady maybe 50 lives a few doors away. Supposedly she was undiagnosed for 7 yrs. She is pretty bad shape physically and mentally. According to the dr. that treated me, the test can often be wrong in either finding.
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We only have 1 test in Canada and it is just about 100 percent negative. Yet right in the area I am in at least 3 or 4 pwople have lyme. Another fact not many people know is that it can be passed from one person to another. This happened to a young man not far from me his wife had lyme and now he and all of his children have it too. Still the Canadian government continues to deny it exists in Canada
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