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if you spend days on the internet.. your thoughts? >

if you spend days on the internet.. your thoughts?

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if you spend days on the internet.. your thoughts?

Old 11-02-2023, 12:32 PM
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Default if you spend days on the internet.. your thoughts?

obviously this is somewhat exotic/ and mostly absurd , yet I think still worth a few minutes thought?
if you spend days on the internet.. you'll notice there's many hundreds of sasquatch, alien, and bigfoot related videos and linked stories
most are entertaining and are reported to be from semi reputable sources like park rangers, hunting guides, police or experienced hunters,
but where are all the SASQUATCH BODIES??
(yes there's dozens of people that go missing and can't be found,every year,
but I doubt is related to BIGFOOT or aliens)
and ( yes even if its a bunch of idiots in monkey suits , I figure some would have gotten shot by now)
now personally I always figured if they existed ,
there's hundreds of thousands of hunters with rifles, handguns,
, binoculars and cell phones with cameras ,even mini camera drones.
hunters, randomly and aimlessly wandering all the larger wooded areas,every year,
most look for deer or elk, etc, but I doubt they overlook seeing large hairy bipeds walking through the forest either.
there's people and cameras and firearms in the woods almost year round in some areas ,
and just random chance says there would surely have been a few dozen "bigfoot" that got liberally dosed with double 00 buckshot,
if they tried to abduct your average red-neck or would have a couple well placed rifle bullets to the face, by now.
your average hunter not being all that reluctant to put large holes in anything that looked to be personally threatening.
if these large 8 foot tall, fur covered monsters really were all that they are reported to be!
so what do you gentlemen think?
I know if something 8 foot tall, covered in long hair that smelled like a long dead cow in august heat, tried to grab me,
Id empty a 44 revolver in it center mass, so fast it would sound like full auto fire!
thats the reason I doubt they exist,,, I doubt my reaction would not be typical!
and let's face facts you put 5-7 rifle shots or even a full cylinder of magnum revolver shots into center mass,
even a kodiac bear and its going to result in a dead bear, now that bear might still kill its antagonist, but there will be bodies

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Old 11-02-2023, 02:15 PM
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It has always been my opinion that with all th hunters in the field annually, coupled with outdoorsmen and women who take to the woods and fields armed , if there was such a thing a a bigfoot or sasquatch or skunk ape we wouold have seen more thn one strapped to the hood or trunk of a car or in the bed of pickup trucks.
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Old 11-02-2023, 02:29 PM
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Bigfoot is an extraterrestrial.

This is why you don't find bodies... Can't find them on a thermal camera etc. They know when to disappear and they choose when to be seen.

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Old 01-24-2024, 08:40 AM
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I deleted a spam post.

But this is a good winter topic.

So, yeti fans, where's all the bodies and trail camera pictures?

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