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HOG populations ?

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Default HOG populations ?

I caught a part of a program on hog hunters the other day ? They must have been in a tree stand but there were like 40 plus hogs of all sizes under them .
With that many in an area how hard is it to get them with a rifle ? Are there limits as to how many you can shoot ? What do you do with the ones you do get ? Is there like a season on them ?
Man they have to destroy a lot of crops and the forest they live near ? Where are they near Pa. to hunt them ?

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While there are a few hogs in PA, you would be hard pressed to find them and harder pressed to get access to hunt. There are not really places to hunt hogs near PA, you need to go the south and Texas and Oklahoma where there lots of hogs, in the south they are usually hunted over bait. Some states require a license and some don't. They are good to eat and not really hard to hunt, they are generally hunted over a feeder. Check Florida GA and SC , just use google.
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My only hog hunt was with dogs. And it was a blast. The dogs ran the hog until they cornered him up in some thick brush. Then we moved into maybe about 35-40 yards to where I had a clear shot with the .30-30.

It was a good time. This was in central florida.

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With that many in an area how hard is it to get them with a rifle ?
Even with a semi-auto rifle it is difficult to get more than one or two hogs from a sounder. At the first shot they are gone.

Are there limits as to how many you can shoot ?
Not in Oklahoma.

What do you do with the ones you do get ?
i kill a lot of hogs. Went to great lengths to give them to folks who wanted the meat: Field dressed and skinned hogs at night, in the cold, in the heat and in the rain. Then folks got picky; demanding hogs of certain size and sex. i' got old and my fun meter pegged out. There are two true statements about wild hogs:

1. Everyone wants a hog. Yep, everyone wants a field dressed and skinned hog, delivered to the processor.

2. No one wants a hog, No one wants a hog that has not been field dressed. Most of my hog kills are left for the vultures and coyotes.

Is there like a season on them ?
Not on private property in OK.
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Falcon speaks the truth or knows the same people I do.

You can find some maps showing feral swine range.

Go to Bing search engine and enter "maps, feral pig distribution".

For years, I thought the only way to clean a deer was after dark, in a light rain by truck headlights. LOL
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