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Help identifying what's in my woods

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Help identifying what's in my woods

Old 11-20-2017, 09:47 PM
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Default Help identifying what's in my woods

So I live Florida, and my hunting woods are right on the Suwannee river, there's plenty of hogs and deer out there, but me and my hunting buddy have been hearing something decently sized and seems more interested in us then the corn mash and molasses. Tonight we had something barreling full speed at us through the palmettos, we turned and yelled and it just stopped, no sound of it leaving, or moving or anything for the last hour of us being out there, and we felt like something was watching us , any idea of animals that display that behavior?
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Old 11-21-2017, 02:35 AM
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Don't yell or try to scare it, let it come, then take a look. You are carrying guns after all.
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Maybe Hillary???????????

Just kidding - Maybe a cougar or bear? Could/would a sow/boar hog blind bluff charge you down that way?

I know black bear will do that sometimes.
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Originally Posted by Muskyhunter1 View Post
Maybe Hillary???????????

Just kidding - Maybe a cougar or bear? Could/would a sow/boar hog blind bluff charge you down that way?

I know black bear will do that sometimes.
I had a Sow do that to me. I have no real idea what was in her head at the moment. My best guess is I got between her and the Sounder or her squeakers and her first instinct was to join back up with the group. She came right at me, stopped maybe 25-30 yards away and then headed off in another direction.

I had a 6-7 year old Sow stalking me. Maybe 2 AM I'm walking quiet to my high seat beside a stand of Pine, right up next to where the trees meet the meadow. She was matching me step for step maybe ten yards inside the trees. Kind of funny, she would hide behind a tree and then peak around the tree, she failed to realize she had 3-400 pounds of ass hanging out the other side of the tree and only her head was partially covered.

People sometimes get the impression Hogs are stupid, IMO smart as a Dog. Likely smarter than most Dogs when they get older than 3 years.

Any wild animal that doesn't run away from me is something worth paying attention to. Critters can get notional sometimes and no telling what they are going to do.

Two teenagers went out into the woods to make the beast with two backs. An old Boar tusker came running out of the brush and opened this guys leg up from nearly ankle to knee. Best guess is the scent of sex set him off and he perceived a rival Boar poaching his Sows.

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