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Dumb Question. but....

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Fork Horn
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Default Dumb Question. but....

If I don't ask it I will not know. So here it goes. How do you skin a wild boar/Pig? I have never hunted one, but I do know I would gut it.
Just never done it. So after you gut it what is next? I take my deer to a processor and will be looking for a processor that does Piggies! If, I get lucky !

CVG Ohio
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Same way as you would a deer, etc. However, if you're going to a processor they may prefer to do that too and just have you gut it. I'd contact them before your hunt to see what they prefer.
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Same way you skin a deer...not much different. I always gut, skin, and quarter the animals up before taking it to a processor - cheaper, you can bleed it out and remove the 'gamey-ness' of the animal. I usually hunt too far away to not quarter an animal up and ice it down right away. Good Luck!!
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It's essentially the same as you would with a deer; the hog is stinkier, though.
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Thanks for the info...will let you know when I get one.

CVG Ohio
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Skinning a hog carcass thats warm is easy. Skinning one thats been field dressed and left out all night in cold weather is harder.

Bleed the hog out good by cutting its throat soon after killing.

It's easier to skin hogs that have not been field dressed. First i hang the hog with a gambrel through the rear legs. Then the hog is washed down good. Washing reduces the possibility of contaminated/cruddy hair and skin touching the meat.

Cut around the legs and rear of the hog and cut the skin up the belly if the animal has not been field dressed. One can usually start pulling the skin off using vise grips or pliers if needed.

Skin the neck out and cut the head and front legs off.

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I hardly ever field dress it or skin it, I simply take out the back strap and the hams sometimes I'll get the shoulders and keep in a cooler with ice and change daily for a week, then I'll process it. I do that will deer too, fast and easy. I've only taken two deer to processors in my life and both times I wasn't happy for what I had to pay.

I have skinned smaller ones to cook whole.

Falcon is right, cut the throat as soon as you get to it helps get the blood out fast.
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If they are Big and Cold I take and cut a hole by the tail,tie a rope and pull with a Come Along.

big rockpile
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i had never ever tried it.... i prefer the Hunting Authority would do it for me... its quite difficult for me to gut a hog skin...
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