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bowhunting hogs??????

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Default bowhunting hogs??????

so i know hogs have a shield but how tough is it? any recommendations on where to put the arrow? im shootin a 55 pound bow will that kill it?
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Default hogs


I'm 63 yrs young now and been shooting a bow since about 11 or 12 and hog hunting just about as long with a bow.

Now to answer your questions: A 55 lb. bow will definitely kill a hog, good quality broadheads and sharp are a necessity. The shield (which is more like a large callous), this shield can be as thin as quarter inch and as thick as an inch and half, maybe more, depending on size and age of hog. This shield is made from a hog cuting a tree to get the sap running (in my area, pine trees seem to be their choice because of the turpinetine), they rub against these trees then wallow in dirt or mud holes which gets mixed in with the sap. Another reason they lay in dirt and mud holes is that it helps to keep lice, ticks, etc. off of them. Over time it gets thicker.

As for shot placement with a bow, if you look up deer and hog anatomies you notice a hogs heart is lower than a deer. I personally prefer a quartering away shot. This will cause the arrow to go forward and hopefully take out either the heart or lungs. I have made broadside shots on smaller hogs and killed them.

As with deer hunting, I have made some bad shots that turned out good and killed the hog or deer. Such as a liver shot which wasn't intended and was caused by a variety of reasons, bad release, limb jumped in the way, etc. I would not recommend a liver shot intentionally.

I'm by know means am an authority or scientist, and you will probably get several other opinions on the bow killing of hogs.
And they'll all be informative.

Good Luck,
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Your poundage is fine as long as you are shooting a solid broadhead and a heavy enough arrow for pass through. As dog1 said, the heart is lower and you have to stay back of that shield. A quartering away shot is best for you get behind that shield and into both lungs and heart.
I have killed hundreds with many weapons and I have seen them killed with less poundage. We have found everything from broadheads, muzzleloader maxi-balls and high powered rifle bullets in that plate on the larger boar hogs. So if you stay behind it, you will have fresh chops on the grill shortly.
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yeah that chest plate can be a bizzle..double lungers are the way to go..i actually have a hog skull from a hog i pulled outta the trap with a broadhead in the skull...the bone had grown back and the hog seemed normal at the time. head shots a no no imo now.
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I have shot 2 hogs with a bow, the last one was this season. I shot her with a Diamond Marquis 67lb with a muzzy broahead, double lunged her she ran about 70 yards and piled up. The arrow passed completly through, but the blood trail didnt start until she ran 50 yards. She weighed 162lbs dressed.
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Hunted wild hogs with a crossbow for a few years. Wait for a good quartering away shot and put the arrow low just behind the shoulder: This is a single lung, heart shot: The hog will not go far.

A hog is not built like a deer. Hog anatomy:

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Stay away from mechanical broadheads when arrowing a hog. One of the short, 4-blade types (like Slick Trick) will give good penetration.

Mud and debris caked on the outside of a hog will afftect the blood trail. The shield is cartilage and it is an internal structure. I've seen one with 2 dog teeth imbedded in it.

Quartering away is best, but if you have a broadside shot where the pigs is 90deg to you, aim for the spot right above the "elbow" on the front leg. The arrow will enter just below the shield or just at the lower edge on a bigger boar. The edges of the shield are thinner than the center. Well fed hogs with a lot of fat on them may not leave a blood trail for 30-50yds. What blood you do find may come from their nose and mouth if you clip a lung.

If you spine a hog, put another one in him quick. They are built like tanks and can withstand incredible injuries.

When cleaning a hog...WEAR GLOVES.
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Everyone nailed it. Quartering away is the best position. Don't worry about your draw weight. That is plenty to kill a pig. The shield is as hard as you can imagine, so make sure you put a good shot on him. Just make sure the pig is turning away from you, quartering away, or you will be tracking him for hours!
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