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Originally Posted by Alpine_Archer View Post
Yeah most rubber boots are thick enough for snakes. just watch where your walking.
Not for 7-8 Foot Eastern Diamond backs found in Florida.
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I've seen less than 10 rattle snakes in the state of FL and I've lived here most of my life and none were even close to being that big.

I'd be more worried about a cotton mouth than a rattle snake. Cottonmouths are way more agrresive and will actualy come after you. A rattle snake will only strike at you if you actually step on it or get entirely too close.

If you can't see an 8 foot snake laying on the ground in front of you, you need a new hobbie and hunting isn't for you.

The point being if your going on a hunt with Dave on one of his property's your going to be hunting from a stand and feeder or hunting walking down roads.

IMHO any boots will be fine just be cautious. I hunt the swamp on a regular basis from ducks to hogs to deer and have never had a close call with a snake.

"In the United States more than 40% of snakebite victims intentionally put themselves in harm's way by attempting to capture wild snakes or by carelessly handling their dangerous pets—40% of that number had a blood alcohol level of 0.1 percent or more."

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not to freak ya out or anything but I had one a few weeks ago that had 17 rattles and it was no more than 6 foot.....with it warming up they should be showing themselves more...but the mocs scare me more.......
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Originally Posted by swampyankee View Post
Was thinking that the rubber would be thick enough. What do u guys think?
I would not chance it to be honest. I have seen a python bite through rubber boots, snakeboots are big money but worth every penny if you ever need them.
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Originally Posted by all in View Post
I would not chance it to be honest. I have seen a python bite through rubber boots, snakeboots are big money but worth every penny if you ever need them.
10-4, Good buddy!
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