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 ~South Texas Hog hunting @ it's best ! WOW >

~South Texas Hog hunting @ it's best ! WOW

Hogs and Exotics Gun or bow, you can stretch your season and fill the freezer with wild hogs and an assortment of exotics.

~South Texas Hog hunting @ it's best ! WOW

Old 07-15-2007, 11:04 PM
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Default ~South Texas Hog hunting @ it's best ! WOW

Recently returned from this weekends hunt. Doug was a fantastic guy accommodating me on my last minute schedule. Well spoken and respectable guy, He was more than willing to share advice, time and tips as this was to be my very fist bow hunt.

Excellent setup and facilities. His guides were helpful and wiling to work with hunters on stand placement and advice.

So many animals out there ! Saw all kinds of amazing exotics, and others like black buck to red stag to audad.

Each night hunters were covered in hogs, everyone took shots.. and all but I actually stuck a pig that first night (several of the hunters shooting multiple pigs. 2nd night I stuck a 140+ hog, however unable to recover.)

I was astounded by the volume of varies pigs that seemed to pour from the bush right at dark. Saw some NICE SIZE large boar as well fighting and wandering down the corn fed roads.

hogs- $75 a day- Unlimited.

Nice camp setup, great facilities, helpful guides, amazing ranch and property, tons of shooting opportunities........ I'll be back in no time !

Check them out :

Couple tips :
* Fiber optic sights are a good plus in this situation.
* Luminocks would help as well, to help you see your hits.
( or make your own- see attached video at this link )
* Bring plenty of spray - mosquitoes are out of control right now.
* Don't forget a good flashlight for those night time tracks
* Long sleeve camo would help thwart the bugs
* Mid day is worthless, morning is iffy,evening is where it's at
* Hit LOW...Hit LOW...Hit LOW...Hit LOW...Hit LOW...Hit LOW... - Lung shots on these tough pigs means for a track. And a track means in the inky black of night. With the thick brush out there with all the rain makes for difficult retrieval. A good heat combo lung shot will make a world of difference
Check out a excellent pictorial and writeup about HOG anatomy here :
* no mechanicals broadheads- just fixed blade. My 100 gr. Muzzy 3 blade worked a fantastic blood trail for me
* 2 favorite places would be near the back lake/pond where the stand is that overlooks the intersection of 2 roads. Open shooting created down 3 lanes right there. 2nd- is the stand down the road near the Oak trees (the guide Kevin will know where you speak of )
* If you want to move a stand, feel free. They welcome you to move them where you see fit. These 6 foot stands don't weigh much and are easily manipulated.
* If you need supplies of any sort, be sure to hit up Hondo- they have a Walmart there and all kinds of other stores for last minute necessities and gear.
* If you see a coyote take em out with indiscretion ! You will be doing Doug a favor. They are the prime suspect for disappearance of black buck fawns.
*As they come just about right at dark- Be ready for them as they come in in droves and clusters. Almost unsettling how much noise they make as they work their way through the dense undercover. They slip almost silently the last bit through the tall grass, listen for the crunching of corn.
*You will only have but 10-15 minutes of visible light for shooting before it's so dark they turn into dark shadows, and good shots are futile.
* They take you out @ 5...but next time I go I will opt for 8-8:30pm in a spot that will not bother other hunters when they drop me off. It's right at 9:15pm that they come in. You will just be bored, sweating, and mosquito bait until then.

* These by no means are "pet pigs". They will scent you and spook into the brush even with little to no windplay. Take note of the moment they "huff" their warning and begin their retreat. Draw a bead and put one in the boilermaker fast !
* They do have a track dog names TACO. In my opinion he's about half effective. Go low right above the pigs "elbow". You zap that heart and lungs, and Taco's services will be negated.
* If it helps you.. bring some florescent tape or some kind of maker to help you keep track of blood trails. When you track, you'll find out they zig and zag all over the place. The markers will also help you get TACO on the blood trail upon introducing him to the blood.

~Good luck for those that go ! A wonderful trip and excellent shot opportunites !


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Old 07-16-2007, 06:44 PM
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Default RE: ~South Texas Hog hunting @ it's best ! WOW

An excellent review with great info. How about some pics of the hogs that you shot. Reading this story makes me want to get back to Texas to hunt!!!
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Old 07-17-2007, 12:50 PM
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Default RE: ~South Texas Hog hunting @ it's best ! WOW

I wish I had a pic of the hog I shot, but as stated,.... pretty good trail on the 140ish lb hog on that 2nd night I hit... but it seemed to vanish at about 40 yard.

Reviewing the shot in my head... I'm convinced I was out of the heart area, a bit higher,... most likely busting through that scapula and catching at least one lung.

Seeing multiple hunters not retriving their hogs the first night- and myself losing mine the second, has prompted me to now always shoot LOW and tight with no second thought to just the lung area. Forget about those lengthy night time tracks- next time I go.... it's in the boiler maker,.. or hitting the dirt right under em !
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Default RE: ~South Texas Hog hunting @ it's best ! WOW

Did you spot very many exotics, like a blackbuck or dall sheep?
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Default RE: ~South Texas Hog hunting @ it's best ! WOW

Thanks for the info!!! We go down S. every year with friends to bow hunt and are always looking for somewhere different!!!!

Congrats on the hunt!!

P.S. Thermacell. Wonderful down south and here in E. TX for mosquitos!!
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Default RE: ~South Texas Hog hunting @ it's best ! WOW

I must say that review really got my blood pumping. I am from tx and there is nothing more i love than hunting pigs. i have always hunted them in the early morning and right at dusk and have moderate results. i have tried at night but i just don't know how to find them without being able to see them approach with that daylight. so my question is how do you do it? what is the trick to finding them and seeing them at night?
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Default RE: ~South Texas Hog hunting @ it's best ! WOW

I'm a novice hunter and that review was great, I'm already looking into that ranch. the info. you gave will do nothing but help.
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Default RE: ~South Texas Hog hunting @ it's best ! WOW

Nice review. I'm gonna consider these guys when I go on my next trip this spring. Thanks for the link to making you're own Lumenok's too.

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Default RE: ~South Texas Hog hunting @ it's best ! WOW

welterweight--- Can't offer much advice on night hunting. The owner seems to draw the line when it comes to complete dark night hunting. Could be the fact that most hunters are tracking their pigs in the dark and other hunters would be disrupted with this added commotion.

Here is another review at this link, from another hunter that went a week or so after I did. Seems the hog and game out there truly is what I speak of :


Here are some pigs the owner sent to me of another hunter recently scoring on a nice boar.... UGH !!! Probably one of several I saw by the back lake. I should have jumped off the stand and stalked them... ;O

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Default RE: ~South Texas Hog hunting @ it's best ! WOW

Thought I would add in a little trick that I figured could help out others when it comes to almost dark hunting situations.<br />

*** I used this this weekend at Boazmans lease with those hogs. They paid no mind to the glowing red light.<br />

I simply purchased those THRILL LIGHTS. These are small light/battery combos you can pick up at your local outdoor store or Academy outlet. I prefer the PUSH ON/SNAP BACK OFF type ( they also carry the TWIST ON/OFF type)<br />
They are small inserts used in bobbers for nocturnal fishing. Cost all of 2bucks and some change. 20hours of continuous battery life to one thrill light.<br />

I first removed the small top cap to my sight using the corresponding allen wrench. Taking it to my workbench, I drilled a hole the same diameter of my THRILL LIGHT.<br />

Reattach the top cap to your sight. You now can easily slip the thrill light into the hole and test to ensure at what depth it looks best as it protrudes down into the middle of your fiber optic coils. Once you access this depth, use a small rubber grommet or electrical tape to act as a stop so that it sits are the proper depth and does not fall completely into your sight.<br />

That’s all there is to it !
It defiantly helped me as the light vanishes quickly in evening hunts. Using the red THRILL light it will SUPER glow your RED fiber dot on the sight, turn the GREEN fiber dot yellow, and your yellow fiber dot seems to maintain it’s color with no change.<br />

Good luck on this easy and helpful mod !

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Quick Reply: ~South Texas Hog hunting @ it's best ! WOW

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