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need help!!!

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Default need help!!!

just the other day i bought a knight 50 cal d.i.s.k. black powder muzzleloader it was a really good deal so i couldnt pass it up. i have no experiance in using blackpowder riffles so any help would be great. ok so the problem is i i think it may be loaded blackpowder and bullet because the prop rod dont drop in to the barrel as far as i think it should its sticks out about 2-3 inch and it stops about 4 inch away from the primmer holder. i dont want to prime and fire it because who knows what the previous owner shoved down the barrel and if it is loaded if the powder will even take the spark and fire i have no idea if or how long its been loaded. so what im trying to figure out is if theres a way to remove the bullet and powder without firing it? any help would be appresiated.
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should be able to remove the back cap, it is spring loaded so be will unscrew, and a spring a a metal piece will come out...then stick your tool in there and unscrew the breech plug, i guess thats what it is i aint sure, and then ya can shove the load out through the discharge end of the barrel. o yeah, to get the handle fer the bolt out, i think ya have to pull the trigger to release it....or
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I have a Knight disc. Hopefully you got the breech plug tool when you bought it. It removes the nipple, and then it removes the breech plug. There is a allen bolt on the side of the receiver that holds the bolt in. remove it and pull the trigger as you pull the bolt out. This gives you access to the nipple and breech plug area.
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There is also a screw tip that TC makes to go on the end of your ram rod that will screw into the bullet and you can pull it out. Here is a link to a kit with one in it. I know you can buy them separately also.

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I STRONGLY recommend that you either take the rifle to a gunsmith or to someone who knows about muzzeloaders and have them look at it for you. Does not sound to me like you should be fooling around with it because you don't know what you are doing. That ML is like a pipebomb and could hurt you or someone else. Have it checked and then learn about ML's before you do anything else. PLEASE!
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On that type of ML removing the nipple and breech plug with the tool that hopefully came with the rifle is part of the normal cleaning process that you should do after each shooting session. So if you have the instructions follow them or have someone who knows show you how. This is needed to clean the threads, and put more thread grease on the threads. (powder residue will get back into the threads). With the breech plug removed you can just push the load out the back. Also cleaning can be better acompliched. They sell brush kits for cleaning the threads in the barrel and on the breech plug, pluss the whole through the center where the nipple goes.
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The screw thingy that was mentioned above is a bullet puller and is good for when you are in the field and load a ball without powder. This will happen eventually to all.
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I'd suggest that you obtain an owner's manual and follow the instructions for removing the breechplug. Should be able to download one from Knight. You will need to know how to do this anyway, so might as well tear the gun down, clean thoroughly and reassemble.
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