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6.8 SPC ???

Old 04-28-2005, 03:42 PM
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Default 6.8 SPC ???

Have any of you had any experience with this new round? All of the new calibers of the past few years have not really interested me, but I have been reading about this new 6.8 SPC that our Special Forces have devoloped, and are experimenting with. It is basically a .270 short, the same overall length of the .223/5.56, so as to fit the AR's. The exception is that it has the 5.56's muzzle energy out to almost 300 yards! I know that our military would probably prefer the extra stopping power in combat situations. Winchester, and Remmington are about to chamber hunting guns in 6.8 SPC. To me it should be a great deer stopper, along the lines of the light recoiling 7MM-08! This one seems to have caught my attention more than the other new calibers have. Any experiences or theories out there?
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Default RE: 6.8 SPC ???

A 7MM-08 it is not. Shoots a 115 grain bullet at speeds the 7MM-08 can propel 150 grain bullets. It may be the equal of the 7-30 Waters.

The cartridge, IMO, fills a niche that wouldn't even be necessary if our troops could carry good expanding .223 ammunition (like the Hornady TAP round). Apparently, the SS109 NATO stuff we are now issuing to our troops over in the desert has great tactical penetration, but not the greatest knockdown.

The 6.8 SPC is interesting, but I really don't see it as having a very bright future with either civilian law enforcement or hunters. It could be an adequate whitetail deer round at moderate distances - but there are many better choices.
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Default RE: 6.8 SPC ???

6.5 Grendel is a round to consider also. The 6.8 was not that well taken by the armed forces. It was kinda shoved down their throats during testing in which it initially did not fair very well.

I know a friend that has one and has shot deer with it and its ok there for a compact short range round. I personally don't care for the .277 bullet diameter.

I do know from experiences in test firing the 6.5 Grendel for the manufacturer that it performs very well out to 600 yards.

Not that either upper will be cheap though. At least you can get 6.5 loading stuff. Where as 6.8 is supposed to be hard to find right now....

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Default RE: 6.8 SPC ???

i was just looking at the ballistic and the 6.8 is very similar to a 243. in all aspects the 243 performed slightly better, its is fater and carries its energy futher and has a flatter tajectory.

go to and check it out, you can makea heads up compairson.
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