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7mm mag which one

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Default 7mm mag which one

Finally I have decided on purchasing a 7mm mag for hunting larger animals. It was between the very well liked 30-06 and the 7mm. I am choosing the 7mm.
I would appreciate the opinions of the well informed, in the forum. What 7mm rifle would you buy? I am looking for a fair priced rifle. I will only use it to hunt a few times a year. What is the best bang for the buck?

thanks for your opinions
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Default RE: 7mm mag which one

Best bang for the buck has to be the 280. Next 7mmRemMag. I have a STW, but you can achieve some great velocities as a handloader with teh Rem Mag. If I had my choice between teh STW and remmag, I would rather have the remmag.
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Default RE: 7mm mag which one

Several rifles probably fit that bill. Here are the ones I'd consider in no particular order:

Ruger 77
Winchester 70
CZ 550

Of these, the Tikka and Savage are likely to be the most accurate (but every rifle's different, so it might not work out that way). From a design preference standpoint I'd opt for the Win 70 or CZ because I like a big claw extractor and the simple, yet excellent model 70 style trigger.

I've had 5 or 6 Seven mags (I'm assuming you're talking about the 7mm Remington Magnum) and it's one of my favorite cartridges. I currently have a Sako 75 7 mag and I'd recommend it to you except I take it from your comments that you're probably not interested in a gun in this price range (around $1,000).

I left the popular Remington 700 off the above list because I just don't like them, but you might consider it also since it is your money and not mine.
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Default RE: 7mm mag which one

I shoot a Sako Finnlite in 7mm rem mag. I have used it so far on 2 antelope, 2 caribou and 1 bull moose. All dropped in thier tracks with 1 shot. Nice round, you won't be disappointed and I used to use a .338 win mag for moose and don't miss it one bit.
As for value in a rifle if Sako is out of your price range then I would buy a Tikka or a Ruger.
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Default RE: 7mm mag which one

it's Winchester's M-70 for me.....the Rem 700 has been a good one too.
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Default RE: 7mm mag which one

I have a great old remy adl which is nice but last year I bought a tikka t-3 and it is a much better rifle. It has a great trigger, detachable mag, very smooth action, a short bolt lift and many other advantages over the competition. The only other I would get if you have the $ is a sako.
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Default RE: 7mm mag which one

I like the Tikka....see if you can find a Whitetail Hunter Deluxe...there are a few floating arround GA, AA and Gun broker NIB for 550. You don't want a light one or one that has a short barrel...less thann 22 inches, 24 better. The new Hodgdon Retumbo is good stuff for the 7mag. good luck, regards, Rick.
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Default RE: 7mm mag which one

excellent info...and i appreciate all the imput..
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Default RE: 7mm mag which one

Savage 110 or 111 !!!!!!!! By far the best out of the box gun I have ever owned. I own 2 one is a 7mm rem mag, the other is a 300 Rum, Savage is the way to go!!!!!
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Default RE: 7mm mag which one

No question if money is an issue. Buy the Savage. Best bang for your bucks anywhere. If not , then I'd go with a Sako 75 or a Winchester Classic Model 70.
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