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Default "tactical"

I was looking at AR type rifles, and for fun I made up this list for 'The Ultimate Multi-pupose Tactical Rifle', using my own name.

So, here it is(note, not in very good order):

Aredondo M15 extended magazine well attachment
for any forged lower to facilitate speed loading $39.95

CTR-02 Complete rifle in satin black
finish with polished barrel
Federal excise tax included $2,395.00

Presentation grade finish on complete CTR-02 Rifle
Including hand polished flats black/silver $500.00

New JP Tactical butt stock with spare mag
and adjustable butt plate, installed $75.00

New JP short range tactical signt on hand guard $80.00

JP Heat Sink, free installation Color:blue $75.00

Harris swivel type bipod
Bench rest 6" to 6" $99.95

JP CTR-02 Upper Assembly in 22LR,
16" custom contoured med weight barrel with
polished blue (black oxide) finish,
black CTR upper receiver with black JP handguard
Includes one 10rd mag $899.00
Presentation grade finish on JP 22 upper
assembly in two tone black/silver $300.00

V-Tac Modular Hand Guard System,
1.75 ID 2.00 OD, Leaves gas block exposed on
18,20 or 24" rifle length barrel systems,
covers gas block on 16" CAR barrel systems
polished end bands $149.95

JP Tactical Rail Kit, Rifle length
works with JP and most other free float tubes $75.00

JP Tactical Rail Kit, 2" section
works with JP and most other free float tubes $24.95

JP Tactical Rail Kit, 4" section
works with JP and most other free float tubes $24.95

V-Tac Sling, one inch narrow $34.95

Horus Vision 4x16x50mm long range targeting
optic with PC targeting software $995.00
Palm Pilot with Horus Vision ATRAG1P software $249.00

Jpoint Micro-electronic Reflex Sight
Specify 4 or 8 MOA dot or
4P (4 MOA low intensity precision dot) $249.95
piggy back secondary sight on 30mm scope tube $59.95

JP AR tensioning pin for standard rifle $34.95

Flat Top Brass Catcher
Best product of its type,
cloth, not bulky hard plastic, quick detach,
zippered for quick empty. Dsigned by Gary Buckles $39.95

Aredondo M15 extended magazine well attachment for
any forged lower to facilitate speed loading $39.95

Arredondo Mag Boot $9.95

Aredondo M15 Mag strap system. Strap 2x20 or 2x30 round
mags for fast reload. Pair of two. $19.95

Complete JP Fire Control Package, small or large pin,
installed by JP Custom Shop and returned shipped within
continental USA. one week turnaround $220.00

AR-15/M-16 Vertical Foregrip,
Aluminum and rubber wilson combat $34.95

AR Magazines, 20rd. 4x $18.95



TOTAL $6,993.08


What do you think?? It's on my future to-do/buy list.
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Default RE: "tactical"

I'd think a "tactical" rifle should be basic lightweight and easily carried. Adding all sorts of accessories takes that away. 100rnd mags, yeah that aids "tactical" mobilty. Presenation finish? Sorry, not picking on you personally, just generalizing and you've chosen the usual, common accessories here.
Of course, most others would have a 3-20x-50 illuminated rectical scope, a laser rangefinder, a handgaurd mounted illumination device (can't call them flashlights, doesn't sound as cool) a night vision optical device, a "grenade launcher with it's own illumination device, a bayonet and flash hider attatched to a fluted bbl. Gotta look cool ya know.
Get a kick how "tactical" has become synonomous with "let's see how many things we can hang off a black gun". Even as a multi-purpose one, I'd still want fairly basic, After all, these AR styles worked for a number of years without all the crap hangin' off them.

Do think you choose a very good model. I've heard nothing but positive remarks about he JP rifles.
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Default RE: "tactical"

I was playing on that, the "tactical" image is now. I know a tactical rifle is the least you can possibly have. The less you have, the less can break.

I was only picking out the options that you could take to the range and shoot it like a carbine, or a high performance long range rifle.

Shots on target from 10 to 1,000 yards with follow-up shots. This stuff I picked out would make that within reach.
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Default RE: "tactical"

I agree with Maine, a "tactical" rifle should be a plain and simple, down and dirty tough rifle. If it were me I'd go with a basic M4 style carbine with an A3 upper. On the upper I'd mount a RRA EOtech sight base that has both the EOTech holosight and the A2 iron sight. I can see the purpose of a holographic sight on such a rifle because it allows rapid but accurate aiming in all light conditions with both eyes open, but with that sight base system one also has the iron peep sights to fall back on when (not if) the EOTech fails. The only other thing I can see being a practical accessory is a good high intensity weapon light. One can never understate the importance of positively identifying ones target. If you shoot an innocent you'll do time, guaranteed.

I wouldn't even go with a free-floated handguard. It's a nice accuracy feature, but "tactical" usually means short range where tiny groups aren't that important, but a tough reliable rifle that can double as a melee weapon in the event of hand-to-hand combat is.

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Default RE: "tactical"

I agree with the above, that's not the type of tactical rifle I was going for. I used tactical in the sense that the rifle could change functions minute to minute.

Also, the 100-round mag would be for range time. Any kind of field use I would probably take a long a few 10 or 20 round mags.
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Default RE: "tactical"

I like most of your idems , personal choice.
1 thing some states ,such as Ohio the 100 rnd mags are a no no.
If I remember any rifle mag over 31 rnds (except for 22 lr) is concedered a MACHINE gun if a rifle it fits is in the same building (loaded or not)
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Default RE: "tactical"

Well, thanks for your input. Scratch one 100-rd mag.
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Default RE: "tactical"

updated list, see first post.
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Default RE: "tactical"

Not trying to argue, but I have a totally different gun come to mind when I think "tactical"

Bolt, heavy barreled, bipod, heavy synthetic stock, 10x mil-dot scope.

My "tactical" is most people's "sniper"
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Default RE: "tactical"

Yeah, that's more like a 'Strategic' rifle in my thinking. A REAL tactical rifle is what you see our troops packing: Flashlight and grenade launcher are about as far as the luxuraries go.

But the word Tactical means you change as the situation does, and that's what I made that list up for. A rifle you could drive a tack at 1,000 yards, then immediately get up and go through an indoor building course using the irons.

REAL Tactical rifles aren't used like that, I'm going to guess the longest ranges they see use at is 100-150 yards.

On the other hand, you have the Bolt-action, heavy barrel, high power scope 'tactical' rifles. But after taking a shot at 1,000yards with that, try going through that indoor course.
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