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Default "Packers"

I have seen some marlin and winchester levers being listed as "packer" or "lite" models, and I was wondering, who would need to pack a 45-70??

I know guides in like alaska need guns for blasting a charging bear or some such situation. But who needs to take along a big bore lever hiking?

Just curious.
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Default RE: "Packers"

For the same reasons the guide takes his,I'm assuming your talking about hiking/camping in woods with dangerous game with the possiability of attack.
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Default RE: "Packers"

Not saying you need it for 'em, but have you noted the size of some black bears found
in PA. - upwards of 500-600lbs. Then there's griz in Idaho, Montana & Wyoming.
Of course, encounters are rare, and in most cases all you have to do is slowly back away. Making a little noise (whistling, etc.) as you walk along will generally keep you out of any trouble in the first place. Most cases, carrying some pepper spray will do the job. But, Lord help you if you stumble upon a sow with her cubs, and she sees you as a threat. Or, you get too close to a food cache at the wrong time, or just happen to startle one who's having a bad day, and decides to make it better - at your expense.
And, of course, it can be just plain "comforting" to have the gun along - just in case.
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Default RE: "Packers"

Ahh, I hadn't thought of those reasons. I figured you might want to protect yourself being out there alone, so I'd take along maybe a 9mm for protection from whackos. But you made good points.

This perticular one I think I'd like.

But then there is the question of would I ever use it. 18 inch barrel and 450 Marlin is a bit big for hunting, eh?

Or as another route, what about something like this in .45ACP and full auto?

Or this little baby with three-round burst+semi auto+full auto.

Interesting defence weapons they would make.
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