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Marlin 7000 or Marlin 60?

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Marlin 7000 or Marlin 60?

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Default Marlin 7000 or Marlin 60?

Marlin 7000 or Marlin 60?


Ive narrowed my semi auto .22 purchase down to either the Marlin 7000 which is fed by a 10 round clip, or the Marlin 60 which is fed with a tubular magazine. Which one feeds better, which one is more reliable, and which one is more accurate? How fast are you able to pull the trigger without any jamming occuring? I like the thought of the tubular mag on the 60, plus it holds 14 shells, but then again, i like the heavy target barrel and the detachable clip on the 7000 also. Which one would you choose, and please include the reasons why.(Feeding,accuracy,feel,etc.)

Thanks in advance for any help.

Cheers, Sako7mm
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Default RE: Marlin 7000 or Marlin 60?

I believe I may have spurred the narrowing of your choices to these two rifles in another thread, so I feel obligated to comment.

As I mentioned in the other thread, these rifles are the same action EXACTLY. The only difference is in the magazines and barrels...theoretically, the 60 would be more reliable since detachable magazines are more prone to be finicky and because the magazine lips MIGHT not be held still well enough and possibly cause a problem.

I've had two 7000's and about a dozen model 60's (or variants), I've never had problems with any of them as long as they're kept clean and properly maintained. I've never noticed that the detachable magazines have ever been a problem moreso than the tube fed rifles.

While in high school, a buddy and I often had races to see who could empty their 60 faster. We both soon learned to bump fire these rifles (pull the trigger AS the sear is re-engaging, basically the rifle fires as if it were fully automatic, at it's own natural maximum rate of fire)...if you could bump fire for all 16rnds, they were usually gone in a little under three seconds (using my dad's electronic shot timer). And like I said, they're the same action, they fire at the SAME cycle rate.

Oh yeah, the catalog says 14rnds for the Marlin 60, if you close the bolt, you get an extra round in the magazine, so that's 15, if you've got one in the chamber, that's 16...it took me a while to figure out why they said it only held 14 when I'd been putting 16 in my rifles for years!!!

As far as maximum rate of fire goes, it's much easier to reload the 7000 than the 60's. I can shoot the first 16 faster in the 60 because I've got more rounds, but the second I'm dry, it takes a LONG time to reload. I'd have to time it for sure, but I'd venture that the 7000 could shoot 25-30rnds before a 60 could take a full reload and fire it's 17th shot.

As far as the 7000 being worth more than the 60, for general plinking, probably not. The Marlin 795 is basically a model 60 with a detachable magazine (same as the 7000 except a standard bbl) and runs $115-20 around here, which is the same price as the Marlin 60, and about $40-50 less than the 7000.

As far as accuracy goes, the 7000 is more accurate. The 60 is plenty accurate, but the heavy bbl of the 7000 wins out. For general plinking and squirrel hunting, you're probably just carrying an extra pound of rifle for no reason though. The 795 has the same weight as the 60, but has the faster to reload detachable magazine.

I can't say which ONE I would buy, because I personally bought both.
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