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New Rifle

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Default New Rifle

I have been invited to go hunting with a group of friends out west, and I am looking at getting a new rifle. I am looking for a caliber that can handle large game such a elk, as well as smaller animals like pronghorn. I want a bolt-action stanless steel rifle that will not break the bank, but can still shoot tight groups. I have been looking at the remington 700 BDL SS DM, in.30-06. Is this a good choice? What about a 7mm. or the new Winchester short mags. Any help that I could get would be great. If you could point me in the right direction in some good optics for my new rifle, I would be in your dbet. Thank You, Joshua Klein, Duluth Minnesota
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Default RE: New Rifle

I would recommend the 7mm Mag Browning BAR semi-auto.
I have had one now for about 5 years and have shot deer,mule deer, prong horn and this year my first moose. I live up here in Saskatchewan where the winters are cold and my Browning has never let me down. The one thing I did change was my optics. I had a bushnell banner light but had occasions when fogging up due to going from a warm vehicle to a very cold outside so I recently bought the Bushnell 4200. Truly impressed with the scope, its clarity and of course not having to worry about temperature changes or wet damp conditions fogging up my chances at taking a trophy anaimal. Good luck in your search and good hunting with what ever you decide on.
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Default RE: New Rifle


I think youíve made a very good choice in rifles. Iím a Winchester fan myself but the Reminton will serve you very well. May I also suggest the 30-06, I personally think it is just about the best ďall roundĒ cartridge out there. The 7mm would be a fine choice too. I know Iím probably going to take some heat for this but Iím just not ready to jump on the WSM bandwagon yet. Frankly Iím bored to death with all the fan fair. Iíve been reloading for the past 25 years and the numbers I see with the new WSM just look like someoneís trying to reinvent the wheel. When those numbers exceed my 300 Weatherby Mag maybe Iíll take notice. The Remington 700 BDL SS DM chambered in 30-06 is a good solid rifle that youíll enjoy for the rest of your life.

By the way donít forget to put a good piece of glass on it.
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Default RE: New Rifle

7mm Magnum is hard to beat. Very versatile and flat shooting.
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Default RE: New Rifle

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Default RE: New Rifle

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I would recommend the 7mm Mag Browning BAR semi-auto.
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Just out of curiosity, what sort of 3 shot groups does the BAR deliver for you in 7mm Rem Mag?
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Default RE: New Rifle

Go with the 30-06,
The variety of rounds for this is hard to beat. They are available in practically any store that stocks ammo. IMO thet are right next to the 7mm without the magnum prices.
Just my opinion.
Buy what you're gonna be happy with.
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I use federal 165gr boat tail ammo and have fine tuned my 7mm mag with boss so I canhave 2.5&gt;3 inch group at 200yds.
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I am partial to the 7mm Mag. With 140 grain bullets, you can take antelope and deer. With 175 grain bullets you can hunt bear and elk. I have a Browning A-bolt with the Boss system. I have shot both 140 and 175 grain bullets and can set the Boss accordingly. You still have to adjust the scope of course. I think the 30-06 is a great choice also. You might consider the .300WSM.

Good Luck.

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Default RE: New Rifle

I like your choice of the 700 bdl ss dm but in 7mm mag.It shoots a bit flatter than the 30-06 and has a bit more power with very similar recoil.As for variety of factory loads; a quick look through one of my catalogues shows that the 7mmm rem mag is available in 8 loads from remington,2 from speer,6 from hornady,12 from federal and 6 from winchester for a total of at least 34 different loadings.More than enough for any situation.
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