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7mm rem mag

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Default 7mm rem mag

How is the 7mm for hunting whitetail deer in ny , im using a 243 now how does it compare to one , im thinking of geting that or a 270 , so im trying to figure out what to buy now
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Default RE: 7mm rem mag

ORIGINAL: buckmastr229
How is the 7mm for hunting whitetail deer in ny , im using a 243 now how does it compare to one , im thinking of geting that or a 270 , so im trying to figure out what to buy now
Currently using 243Win. for whitetail deer in NY - you will find the 7mm Rem.Mag. to be
more effective, assuming good hits/shot placement, but also with much more recoil and
muzzle blast, and more expensive ammo. 7mm Magnums are really not needed for
whitetail. It's a good cartridge, but just really more than needed.
You would probably be better off looking at a rifle chambered for either the 280Remington or the 270Win.. If you're a handloader, I'd recommend the 280Rem.
If you're using factory ammo I'd suggest the 270Win. as it will not only have good factory loads for deer, but the 270 also has a varmint load (100gr. from Remington).
Of course, if varmints are not on your agenda, then, again, I'd go with the 280Rem.
which is a 7mm, just not a magnum.
There's really not a whole lot of difference between the 270 & 280 as the difference in
bullet diameters is only .007" (270 = .277" and 280/7mm = .284").
The 7mm Mag. will give you a little more range/flatter trajectory than either the 270 or
280, but as noted above, there's a price to pay (rifle weight - generally heavier/longer,
muzzle blast, and recoil). Do you really need to shoot at deer at 300 - 400yds.? If not,
go with a 270 or 280. AND, keep the .243 for varmint use, and as a backup deer rifle.

Another consideration is availability of rifles for the 270 or 280. Most all manufacturers make rifles chambered for the 270, often in several different models. The 280, good as it is, is not quite as popular, and your selection will be more limited.

My personal choice is the 270Win. 'cause of the availability of a factory load for varmint use, as well as a greater variety of factory ammo for big game hunting.

Whatever you choose, don't rush it. Take the time to do some research on the Internet,
read some books/magazines, and talk to others at the gun shop or on the range.

Here's a link you might find useful:
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Default RE: 7mm rem mag

If only hunting whitetail, i would stick with a lighter recoiling .270. For many years, i shot a Remington 700 BDL SS in .270. After a good case of the magnum gitters, i traded my .270 for an identical 7mm Rem. Mag. Used same scope, rings, bases, and shot remington loads through both them. When it came down to it, i couldn't tell the difference between the two except fo the added recoil at the range. I expect that the 7mm would edge out the .270 for longer shots in terms of knockdown, however, if i knew than what i knew now, i would have saved the money and kept the .270. The sad part to this is that i am about to buy a new rifle for wife to shoot. It will be a .270 Win.
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Default RE: 7mm rem mag

Out to 200 yds. on broadside shots, your 243 loaded with 100 gr nosler partitions will kill whitetail deer just as quickly as a 270, 280, 30-06, 7Mag, 308, etc will.

I don't know if they are worth the difference. But if you want a new caliber, I've shot deer with most of those above, and the 308 is my favorite (just my 2 cents)

Look at a big bore caliber (44 Mag, 45 Colt, 45-70, etc.) perhaps for a little variance and a lot of fun.
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Default RE: 7mm rem mag

Having owned several 7mm magnums over the years, I can say that it is a very good deer cartridge. But then again, so are many other cartridges and the .270 Win is no exception. If it were me, I'd probably go with the .270. It'll get the job done just as well and be a little more pleasant to shoot too.
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Default RE: 7mm rem mag

If its just for deer stick with the .270 its a great cartridge and is forgiving in the recoil department
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Default RE: 7mm rem mag

I hunt whitetails with either a 7 MM Rem Mag or 270 Win.Both do the job fine.If I had to choose one strictly for WT's I'd stick with my 270Win.Allot cheaper to shoot, less recoil and I find it to be a very accurate round.Unless you're going for extremely long shots I would go with a 270 Win.

Ruger Redhawk
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Default RE: 7mm rem mag

get the 7mm rem mag. its quite a bit more gun than the 243, but also agreed to be enough for bigger game like elk and moose. you have dozens of factory loads available at almost any store that sells ammo. Use the smaller bullets for deer(less kick), then if you ever go after elk/moose switch to the big stuff.
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Default RE: 7mm rem mag

The .270 winchester will do anything the 7mm will out to 300 yards, with less recoil and noise. The deer won't care which one he gets shot with.
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Default RE: 7mm rem mag

Another vote for the 270, it will have less recoil and noise making it more enjoyable to shoot like the others have said. Those mags with the longer barrels catch more brush, which is one of the reasons I sold mine and bought a 30-06 for deer and elk. The 270 is more than enough for deer.
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