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Guns Like firearms themselves, there"ôs a wide variety of opinions on what"ôs the best gun.

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Typical Buck
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Default RE: 338 win mag vs 375 H&H

i was looking at my guns and ammo and with a 10 pound gun it says the 375 h&H has 55 foot pounds of recoil energy. with a 300 grain bullet. It all depend how much your gun weighs if it weighs 9 pound it will have 10 % more recoil. and if you have a 11 pound gun you will have 10 % less recoil. i hope that could be of some help.
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Typical Buck
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Default RE: 338 win mag vs 375 H&H

I've owned both and now only have the 375 H&H. I always found the 338 to be snotty compared to the 375, which to me was alway more of a push recoil like shooting a 12 ga slug.
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Default RE: 338 win mag vs 375 H&H

One reason i've always liked the .338 Win mag. over the .375 H&H mag., is because the 338 rifles weigh less!

The .375's have "varminter" weight bbl. with a .375 hole in them, the .338's have "sporter" weight bbls with a .338 hole in them. I like the "less" total weight of the .338 rifle, as i have to pack it all day long.

Another thing, i can load 200 grain bullets in the .338, and that lowers the recoil considerable, but it still plenty of bullet for caribou, blk bear, deer ect...

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Boone & Crockett
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Default RE: 338 win mag vs 375 H&H

The only 375 H&H I fired much was a Model 70 Safari model. That rifle was very Heavy and the felt recoil was not that bad. I had about three 338 Mags. At the time I had them the recoil while not pleasant was not punishing either. If I were to shoot one now with the bad shoulder, it would likely be a different story. A 300 win Mag is now way to much for the shoulder. That is without a good recoil pad that I made to go in my shooting vest. That tames it down well.
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Default RE: 338 win mag vs 375 H&H

Hi oldelkhunter,

Both the .338 Win Mag and the .375 H&H are great cartridges that will do anything you need doing on North American big game. For someone contemplating a CZ another great mid-bore cartridge is the 9.3x62. But for a North American hunter that does not reload stay away from this caliber like the plague.

Unlike the two magnums (belted cases) the 9.3x62 uses a standard .30-06 case-head diameter. Which means that five cartridges will fit in a standard bolt action rifle. You can get that many of the .375's cases in CZ's Safari rifle because of the deep bellied drop magazine. Otherwise it would hold a total of three (two plus one). The .375 requires a magnum length action whereas both the 9.3x62 and the .338 Win Mag will fit a standard length action. Not a big concern for many but a few care and it is nice to know these differences.

Unlike North America where the 9.3x62 is nearly unknown and ammo availability almost nonexistent, in Africa it has made a come back and is both extremely available and extremely popular. And though it is not quite as flat shooting as the two magnum cartridges it does shoot plently flat enough for the hunting ranges most hunters are qualified to shoot live game at. It also provides nearly the thump of the two big magnums on targets without producing the recoil velocities that can make life really unpleasant at bench sessions.

Good luck deciding which new rifle you're getting!

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Nontypical Buck
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Default RE: 338 win mag vs 375 H&H

I shot my friend's .375 and that "bites" more than the .338 in my book...
Hunt Safe!

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