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bronko22000 03-22-2022 07:23 PM

Marlin 1895 SBL
Wow what's the deal with this model 1895? I've seen them going on auction and Gunbroker for over $2000 and as high as $3000! I have one in excellent condition.

Olde NE Hunter 03-22-2022 07:54 PM

I suppose that when Remington folded they quit making them. Then buyers decided that they had to have one and there weren't that many available.
Question...did the early 1895's have the JM stamp? If so, that would add to the guns value if the mark existed.

I also think I have read that Ruger has resumed production after an upgrade to tooling so there will be some more on the market. Don't know the price of the Marlin/Ruger.

I have no "inside scoop" it's all speculation on my part.

Bocajnala 03-22-2022 08:35 PM

If you want to sell it, now is the time. I'm thinking as the newer marlins start hitting shelves that the old ones will start coming down again.

Bad time to be in the market for a marlin lol

I've put off finding a .45-70 until the prices are tolerable.


idahoron 03-22-2022 08:38 PM

I have seen one listed for 7000.00 bucks.

The very early models had a Ballard rifling. After the Ballard was micro groove barrel. Now the new rifles have the Ballard again. My 336 30-30 is a Ballard.
In my opinion the Ballard adds value. Mostly because they shoot cast bullets better.

hardcastonly 03-23-2022 03:09 AM

personally having owned and used the marlin, in 444 and 45/70 extensively for 2 decades,
and after swapping too the BROWNING BLR in calibers 358 and 450 marlin
after extensive personal testing
Id say the BLR in 358 win is the most versatile and the BLR in 450 marlin, is a better substitute for the 45/70,
both BLR carbines are both much better more precisely machined,, stronger actions that allow pointed bullets and both BLR's are more accurate options ,
and both the BLRs can generally be found for near $1000 or less

the 450 marlin is listed at 44 k max pressure the 45/70 listed at 28 k max

keep in mind the BLR is available in 6.5 credmoor and 308 win, 243, and used in 270, 30/06, 257 roberts are available

Nomercy448 03-23-2022 11:23 AM

There was a 1973 Marlin 336 which sold for $10k a couple of weeks ago. I suspect money laundering, personally.

Remington went bankrupt, Marlin closed, Ruger bought the gear… it’s a tide shift from the takeovers and gradual changes of Freedom/Cerberus in Marlin’s history, so some folks are trying to cash in on their old JM stamped Marlins. The premise is that the machines aren’t really even the same, any longer, so these Ruger made Marlins, regardless of quality, aren’t really Marlins yet… and some may never return, naturally.

bronko22000 03-23-2022 12:14 PM

I know the JM stamps are bringing higher $$. Also when Rem first bought Marlin out the quality wasn't there but after some machine revamping the quality improved. That's what my SBL is (a RemLin!). Now that Ruger has them they have changed them a bit. Like IdahoRon said they went back to ballard rifling at least on the SBL.
Besides my SBL I also have an original JM stamped 1895 Guide Gun with the ported barrel. I'm sure that one would bring a real premium price if I decided to sell it.

Oldtimr 03-23-2022 02:25 PM

I am almost embarrassed to say what I paid for my 1895 JM ported guide gun that I bought from a member here along with 3 boxes of shells. I will say it was less than $500.00 and it was i pristine condition.

bronko22000 03-23-2022 03:45 PM

Originally Posted by Oldtimr (Post 4402907)
I am almost embarrassed to say what I paid for my 1895 JM ported guide gun that I bought from a member here along with 3 boxes of shells. I will say it was less than $500.00 and it was i pristine condition.

Oltimr I bought mine new in 1999 at a gun show in Florida brand NIB for under $500! And like I said, it was one of the earlier ones which has a ported barrel. Of course back then gun show prices weren't crazy high. In fact it was one of the few gun shows that my wife came with me to and as I was fondling it (the rifle not the wife) she said if you like it buy it. She didn't have to twist my arm.

Fullbelly 03-31-2022 01:42 AM

What you see listed on gunbroker is the new Ruger/Marlin. It's the first rifle released in their lineup so collectors are eager to pay for one, and the fact that most dealers are having a hard time obtaining one. I have a JM stamped 1895M that I bought a few years ago for $400 in mint condition that now sells well over twice that amount since Covid but enjoy the rifle too much to sell.

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