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Originally Posted by CalHunter View Post
Do you have a link to that video? That would be amazing to see.
Just go to Youtube and do a search for "cape buffalo with a 10mm handgun).
And RR was correct it was the bullets Razor Dobbs used.

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I get guys frequently, asking if a 10mm handgun is adequate for hunting or bear defensive work?

well heres my opinion based on 30years of hunting with various handguns

in my experience a 10mm is about like a 357 mag revolver in power,

a handgun like a 10mm glock is easy to carry and use!

its about ideal as a defensive handgun with human adversaries

its certainly lethal in skilled hands but there are better cartridges if your life depends on rapid kills,

and your using it for close range hunting , or defensive against bears.

yes if you shoot well it will , in well practiced hands with proper loads,

kill almost anything you might hunt!

I've watched the videos , where several guys used a 10mm,to hunt
and I was not very impressed with the 10mm, results!
yes its certainly lethal, but so is a 357 mag or a 41 mag.
yeah a 10mm will kill bears, elk etc.
yes it works, but its no magic death ray!
if you watch carefully the results with a 10mm handgun,
tend to be similar to game hit with archery ,
I/E the game bleeds out internally after a decent hit but it takes time
now I've personally used a 10mm on deer and hogs several times, and it works reasonably well,
but, in my personal experience there's been a significantly better result,
in most cases, while using a 44 mag and 300 grain hard cast bullets
and its certainly not a 445 DWSM or 460 or 500 S&W MAG

btw bullet weight in grains x velocity x velocity / (divided by)450240 gives energy
you can do the calculations but there's a significant advantage, in heavier cast bullets,
used in the larger mag cartridges

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I noticed the same thing when watching those videos and others on YouTube. If I were hunting in Africa with a pistol on animals of that size, I think I'd stick with a 44 mag. But when I compare those animals to the average black bear I might attract while field dressing a buck or run across while checking game cameras, they're 3-4 times bigger and obviously a lot tougher. In my listed situations, I would also be double or triple tapping a bear with a pistol. Just sayin. And if the hide has a few extra holes in it, well, that just means a better hunting story when people ask about the extra holes.

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Ridge Runner has it right. Bullet design has to be the most important. You want penetration to stop a bear. Why I said the 10mm would be good for bear is because it is more controllable than a 41 or 44 mag. You could possibly get off 2 or 3 rounds or more with the 10mm. A short 2-4" barreled 41 or 44 mag is quite a handful with full house loads. And a novice would likely only get one shot. I have three 44 mag revolvers; a S&W29, a Taurus Raging Hunter (both with 8 3/8" bbls) and a Taurus light weight (5 shot with 4" bbl). Shooting the bigger ones are no problem but that light weight will beat you up. I rarely use full house loads in it and shoot either reduced loads or 44 spl out of it.
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If I was hunting stuff that big, my 375 JDJ would come into play!
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over several decades I've, used revolvers and pistols, generally with revolvers, 6"-10" barrel length,
and pistols shorter 4"-5" barrels
Ive used a 357 mag, 45 ACP , 10mm, 41 mag, 44 mag, 454 cassul, 445 DWSM and 500 S&W mag ,
now Ill grant you I rarely try shots over 70-80 yards and while that might be a limitation in many guys minds I can say ,
that generally as the bullet mass and energy increased with cartridge choice so did the effective and immediate noticeable results,
and generally depth of projectile penetration, a 41 mag and larger works very well on deer, a 44 mag is marginal, but still 100% lethal on elk.
I found the 445 DWSM and 44 mag work on everything, and the 500 mag is exceptionally effective,
but of course its heavy, loud , expensive and has to much recoil to be easy to use for many people
even a 45 acp, or 357 mag will kill deer and hogs,
but as always shot placement and a knowledge of game anatomy,is critical to getting fast results.
don't be surprised if game runs, after bullet impact, that does not indicate a bad hit,
handguns don't always drop game in their tracks very often, but they are lethal.
shot placement is critical to getting good results

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I used to carry a Ruger Blackhawk in 41 Mag when I was packing out elk and mulies in bear country. I never shot a bear with that pistol but did take a couple of cow elk and mulies with it shooting the Rem factory load with a 210 gr bullet. Based on how it handled the elk I'd say it would be good for bear. More punch than a 357 Mag but easier to control than a 44 Mag. I'd also think that a revolver in 45 Long Colt would be good on bear.
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