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223 ?


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Default 223 ?

If the 223 is not supposedly big enough to take down a 100 to 175 pound deer why does the Government arm our service people with this to defend them self in battle ?
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Because human beings are much easier to kill than a bear or a deer. The 223 has no business in a big game hunt.
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They told us in the military that the object was to create as many causalities as possible. Basically if you kill one guy you have one guy out of the fight, if you wound one it takes more people to evacuate them, taking more people out of the fight. And they added commanders, that don't take care of their wounded quickly lose the confidence of their soldiers.
That is the talking point anyway. Whether it is fact or fiction I have no idea, above my pay grade.
I always did wonder about it also causing manpower drains on the us, caring for enemy casualties. Those talking points always did strike me as salesmanship.
One talking point did make sense, .223 rounds are lighter and you can carry more ammo. Soldiers in combat are notoriously bad shots, quantity versus quality.

I always carried the "Pig" M-60 machine gun, I was loath to be under gunned. Sure I sweated more, but I had a lot more confidence. The M-2 was even better.
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the ammo used by the military is designed to wound , not necessarily kill rapidly,
its not designed to expand and maximize internal damage to the full potential available,
as it would be with bullets designed for hunting deer.
I just posted info in a similar 223 related thread
Top shelf ammo for hunting deer with a bolt action .223

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There are viable options for hunting deer with 223/5.56. There are very few worse choices, and very, very many better choices.
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Originally Posted by MudderChuck View Post
I always carried the "Pig" M-60 machine gun, I was loath to be under gunned. Sure I sweated more, but I had a lot more confidence.
Far in my past I used a Pig whenever my team needed one for the job at hand. That thing seemed to weigh at least a hundred pounds after a couple of days in the heat and it ate it's weight in ammo, but it was effective. Sometimes we even carried AK rifles if we were concerned about the other guys locating us by sound. However, given the choice the standard M-16 was what we used. The light projectile fired from the M-16 was very effective against soft targets at relatively close range and for one of our three-to-five day "camping trips" a fellow could carry enough magazines. Military use is far different than hunting.

As a hunting round fired from a sporting rifle I believe it would work for smaller deer at reasonable ranges but it is certainly has minimal power.
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