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Ammo Recomendation

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Default Ammo Recomendation

Wondering if someone can give me some ammo recommendation for a Vanguard series 2 270 Winchester. Thanks!
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Hi there! Welcome to the forum!

Before I get to my response, let me ask a couple questions for you to answer:
1) Have you shot any ammo out of this rifle, before? If it's a new purchase, congrats!
2) What kind of game do you plan to hunt?
3) How far do you expect shots to be?

For whitetail deer within 200 yards, I think a simple soft point bullet is the best---you could spend a lot more money on premium ammunition, but you frankly don't need to unless it's the only thing that'll shoot accurately. Which brings me to my next point:

The only way to find out what shoots well out of your rifle is to try different kinds of ammo. Even two rifles of the same model are not guaranteed to shoot the same.
With that and what I said about soft point bullets in mind, I would recommend you buy a box of each of the following, if shooting deer under 200 yards:

Remington Core-Lokt
Federal Powershok
Winchester PowerPoint

Buy 130 grain or 150 grain; Wal-Mart usually has the best prices on ammo. If possible, get the same grain for all three brands.

I hunt with a .308 Win, but I can tell you that the Federal Powershok bullet is very effective on deer. The last buck I shot had a 1-2" exit wound on a 55 yard shot through the heart and lungs. Bullet expansion won't be a problem, especially not at .270 velocities.

Undoubtedly others could recommend premium bullets that would be more versatile for a variety of game and ranges. However, if you're like most hunters, who hunt deer at moderate distances using factory ammunition, you simply don't need it. Sales associates like to direct customers to more expensive ammunition that costs well over $1 a round. It's great stuff, but it won't be possible to tell if it's necessary unless you tell us more about where (as in terrain, not your hunting property address, LOL) and what you'll be hunting.
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Don't take my word for it on (usually cheaper) soft-point ammunition being best on medium game; see what Chuck Hawks wrote about it:
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X2 on the Remington CoreLokt in 130 grain. Works great on deer, black bear and coyotes.
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