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Best places to get UNBIASED info on guns

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Default Best places to get UNBIASED info on guns

Hey all. Been lurking around this forum for a while, but wanted to see where else you guys went to find decent info on firearms that wasn't the 24/7 BS you see on the MSM. What are the best places on the web for "gun nuts"?
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BB81, i think you just found it. just remember that everybody has different opinions on different firearms. you have to take those opinions with a grain of salt. then you decide what you want.
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there is NO such thing as UNBIASED opinions on anything, as the truth be told NO one owes every model and NOT every model of same gun is always the same
I sold guns for many yrs, well over 17,000 guns in all
I have been teaching and training shooters so a long time too
I have seen 5 rifles of same caliber and make and model and not ALL shot the same sized group shooting same ammo
not all rifles fit all shooters the same
there are MANY variables involved in what could be said to be an OPINION
the simple truth today more than ever is, there are NO BAD RIFLES being made
liability risks are WAY too high to have anything NOT fitted well and built well
the modern machinery making them, and the amount of knowledge on making guns is all over the place
best advice is this when BUYING rifle for YOU, go to a good shop with a good selection, and hold a bunch of rifles see what fits you best, look at and for features you like
(safety, grip, stock length,catches your eye)
as a rifle of a MAJOR brand company today will be a solid rifle , some cheaper models may NOT be as accurate(but some might be) as higher priced rifles,
but they will all work, and shoot and fire, and will be accurate enough to hunt with or target practice with
one that FITS YOU< , YOU will shot better than "X" brand name on it!
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You'll generally get good expertise here.
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Opinions about what aspect of firearms? You reference MSM, which I assume was supposed to really be MSN, as in a liberal media outlet. If you’re looking for political discussion of firearms, there are any number of forums and websites available, this one included, where you can hear the opinion of either side you wish.

Tread lightly fellas, this smells off to me.
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His last 2 words set my alarms off. Only liberals use the term "gun nut". They think because we are into firearms, we are nuts.
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Made my "I smell a rat" antenna go up as well.
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Yep! How do you spell t-r-o-l-l?
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