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Nontypical Buck
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Default Satisfying afternoon with a new Charger

Just sharing a few pics of a very satisfying afternoon from earlier this week. I picked up another Charger this spring, an Accu-Sport LimEd 4919, wanting to get another factory silver version before they all dried up, or converted to takedowns. I'm a little scope poor right now, so I dropped an older Nikon Buckmaster 6-18x40mm SF with mil-dot reticle into a set of Burris Sigature Zee rings on a 20moa EGW rail, then tucked a (slightly modified) DPMS tactical grip under the tail. I haven't done any other accurizing YET, no bedding, no free floating, haven't replaced the factory crowbar with a Volq trigger YET, and the Warlock II is still in jail waiting for paperwork... All good things to come...

I got off work a bit early on Monday, so I packed it out to the range and took a few photos. I hung 10" and 8" gongs and backed up to 325yrds. The 10" is right on the good side of its group size at 325, whereas the 8" plate is right on the bad side, shooting CHEAP, DIRTY, INCONSISTENT Remington Thunderbolt 40grn. Connecting with the 10" wasn't a challenge, keeping hits on the 8" was irregular, so I can say this combination is somewhere over 2.4MOA at 325, and somewhere around or under 2.9moa in current state. Certainly nothing to brag about compared to some of my other specialty pistols, and I've yet to run 100yrd groups with it, OR run any Tenex or Black through it, but it's satisfying watching through the scope when the bullet smokes itself on the target over a full second later.

Unfortunately, the Buckmaster doesn't have enough elevation to get me to 325, so I had to hold over 4.5 dots at 18x (3mils actual) to get there. I'm going to swap the Burris inserts to pick up about another 10moa and see how it holds up out to 400.

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Giant Nontypical
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Lol I saw the title and read Charger and so I thought Dodge Charger...I was expecting to see smoky burnout pictures!!
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That's sort of what I was expecting, but I figured something else was coming since the post wasn't back in the Off Season Forum!
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Fork Horn
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I've never shot one of them but it looks pretty neat. That's a long shot too
US Army Retired
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Boone & Crockett
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Originally Posted by BRUSE View Post
I've never shot one of them but it looks pretty neat. That's a long shot too
You bet. Especially for a .22 LR!
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Nontypical Buck
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Specialty pistols have never really been a popular breed, but the Ruger Charger is one of those experiences all shooting sportsmen (and sportswomen) should have at least once.

The best part of the whole gear, unlike many other specialty pistols, the Charger's are 1) in current production, and 2) very affordable. The base model, blued/Synthetic Charger can be had for $225 street price.
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Fork Horn
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I'm still laughing at the crowbar trigger comment. Don't think I have ever heard a more fitting description of a Ruger trigger. I'm not as picky as the old man was when it comes to triggers, I really don't think anyone living was as picky as him about a trigger, but I do have my picks and Ruger certainly isn't one of them. That's a nice looking little shooter Nomercy448.
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