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Slug Guns

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Default Slug Guns

If you were to go out and buy a new slug gun, what would yoiu buy? I was going to buy a new H&R Ultra Slug Hunter, but can't find them any more.
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If I were to want a dedicated slug only then it would be one of them savage 220's. Know a few folks that have both the 220 or the 212 and they all perform extremely well. The 220 wont leave your shoulder at the back side of the range bench and still has more than enough umph out to 150 yards to drop anything on the North American continent. Used to I would advertise for the Thompson Center stuff but I have been hearing that their latest stuff has been sort of a crap shoot as to whether or not you will get a good barrel. I bought almost all of my PH barrels prior to the S&W takeover and they all shoot dead nuts perfect.
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Another vote for the savage 220.
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I would also buy the Savage 220
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I'm in the same boat...gave my brother my USH and then realized I couldn't find one with a thumbhole to replace it without going online.

I've debated a 220, especially now that they have wood stocks available for them, I'm just trying to decide how much money I want to put into one.

Everybody I have talked to said the 220 is slightly more accurate than the USH with a better trigger and obviously quicker reloads. Honestly though, I doubt you can go wrong with either one.
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Savage 212 would get my vote, nothing against the 220, but I'm not deterred by the recoil of a 12ga slug gun, and prefer the slug weight. In shotgun or straightwall areas, not just shotgun, I'd get a Marlin 1895.
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Mine is a Ithaca Deerslayer! It's 12Ga and has a 2X scope on it. The gun is handy as the barrel is not too long.

It's my substitute drilling. They will shoot bird shot at grouse very well yet take game with the slugs!
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I like my Remington 870 slugger, I had wanted a bolt action and not a 12 ga. the 220 came out so I looked at a couple. They (savage) must have finally got their quality control under control, ones I looked are were clunky. Recoil pad falling off with just one screw partly holding it in place on one bolt sticking and hanging on two others.

No complaints with the 870 20ga. I bought a life time supply of Remington buck hammer slugs before they stopped making them too.


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Bought a 220 last year & love it!
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Easy for me to say an USH as I have several in both 12 and 20 gauge.

With that being said (and money wasn't an factor) I would choose a new Browning A-bolt.
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