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duck gun

Old 03-17-2015, 09:12 AM
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Default duck gun

I am looking to purchase a backup for my wingmaster as I had extractor issues this year and my buddy had the same problem for the second time. I don't want to be caught without a good quality duck gun again. I love the old wingmasters but I am having difficulty finding a 3" magnum in reasonable shape. I was wondering about the other manufactures such as beneli. Just need a good quality 3" pump gun.
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I've used a plain old Win Model 1300 pump with the Winchoke system for years. It has always worked very well and if my memory serves right I gave something like $105 for it new. I'm betting you could find a used one or maybe a used Mosberg 500 for a decent price on some place like gunsamerica or gunbroker.
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Have 3 older rem 870 wingmasters never had a problem with them ejecting shells, or cycling New rounds. Have shot them hundreds of times. Also have a rem 870 express no people with it either. I still say the 870 is one of the finest pump shotguns out their you can get a 870 express for under $350 at basspro or cabelas. Should be able to get one cheaper at Wal-Mart.
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If I was looking for another scattergun, I would look real hard at an over under. As flaggs said, check out gunbroker and possibly the pawn shops. Never know what you will find.
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Since you asked about Benelli, I'll cast my vote in their favor.

I bought my first Benelli Super Nova in 2007 when I was out of town for a buddy's bachelor party and we decided to shoot some skeet. I just needed something affordable that I thought would resell well if I didn't like it. They had a Super Nova on sale for $300, only 870 they had was an express for $330. I'm not really a lover of camo guns, but I took a shot. One round of skeet and I was sold on it! I have 5 Super Novas now, and have weeded all but a couple 870's and one 1300 out of my safe.

Although it's about the same weight as an 870, it feels lighter in my hand, but it still FEELS like it recoils considerably less. The camo wrap isn't for everybody, and some folks don't like the polymer stocks and the space-movie-esque ribs on the pistol grip and forend/slide, but they don't bother me at all.

The adjustability of the "comfor-tech stock is actually quite nice. It's very simple to adjust the drop and cast on the stock to fit different shooters. My wife is 5'3" tall, I'm 5'10" with a 6'1" wingspan, which ends up that our cheekweld and eye position lands very differently from each other on the same stock, so we have to shoot different stocks. Her SuperNova stock is angled differently than mine, but it didn't cost anything extra to make that adjustment (adjustment as opposed to alteration). The longer forend on the supernova helps with her slide reach also.

Also, the cycle-assist benelli action is fast fast fast.

It's pretty hard to screw up a pump shotgun, so it's really hard to say that the Super Nova really does anything that an 870, 500, or 1300 doesn't do, but I do think that it does a lot of things just a little better than the others.
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If you like Benelli and like the Super Black Eagle you can get a very similar shotgun for quite a few $$ less by going with the Franchi Intensity. Franchi was bought out by Benelli and the Intensity is almost a clone to the SBE.
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The Rem Versamax is a "near clone" of the Benelli M4 action also. I have heard 95% parts compatibility, have heard 80% parts compatibility. It's for sure a knock off of the argo system, which is part of what makes the M4 great, and the Remington won't have any parts count issues, let alone costing a LOT less, and being available as a field version.

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