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Nef .223

Old 02-24-2015, 02:10 AM
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Default Nef .223

Sorry boys if this is an already worn out topic.
I'm curious as to the rate of twist in the NEF Handy Rifle in .223
I have acquired one in a trade and am curious as to whether the 55 grain or the 62 grain is the way to go.
I know I could find out the rate of twist by the old fashion method but I'm too lazy to bother. The NEF website is no help.
A question to you veteran .223 shooters: does it make much difference between 55 and 62 ?
Appreciate the feedback
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Old 02-24-2015, 05:02 AM
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My handi rifles real picky with ammo. It has a 1:12 twist won't shot any thing over 55gr with snot. I load up 55 grain nosler ballistic tips and they looked like you shot the target with buck shot. Tried different powders and weight charges. It shoots the best with the cheap winchester white box 55gr fmj. The rem 55 core locks shot ok. That what I use to hunt with. I haven't used it in years since I got my 6mm for grounding and coyotes. My handi rifle has the bull barrel. Hope that helps you.
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The NEF 223's are hit or miss for twist. The old NEF made versions were all 1:12", then when Marlin bought it out, they went over to a 1:9" for most models, but some of the old stock barrels were still floating around for a few years. Then at one point the Ultralights were 12" twist and the standards/heavy barrels were 1:9"...

I'll admit, I'm a little demotivated to post since you've said that you're "too lazy" to simply run a cleaning rod down the rifle. Not like it's even hard to gain access to the barrel.
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Just kidding about the "too lazy" part Nomercy. Would have been better stated as don't have much time for that just now. Calving and all. High fives to ya.
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