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supermag or ultramag??

Old 10-09-2003, 06:34 AM
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Default supermag or ultramag??

just looking at gettin somethin new.

for you what would it be and why?

for all around shotgun.

remington 870 express supermag or mossberg 835 ultramag.
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Default RE: supermag or ultramag??

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Default RE: supermag or ultramag??

Do the Citori' s come with a 3 1/2" chamber? I sure wouldn' t want to shoot it. Of those listed by Click, I' d pick the 835. One solid, tough gun. And at a very reasonable price.

Now for Semi-auto, Benelli Super Black Eagle.
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Default RE: supermag or ultramag??

Click you asking to compare a domestic pickup to a chinese handcart!!!

I have both the 835 UltiMag and a 870 SuperMag. I wish the 870 would' ve come out first, it woulda saved me the money and time I wasted on the Mossberg. Complete potmetal, rusty piece of ducksheut if you ask me!!! What lil duck huntin I do is mainly timberhuntin and at least once a year the gun is gettin dunked. I' ve dunked 870s, Citori' s (have an old special steel that is mean with 3" ers), BPS' and the above mentioned Ulti and Supermags. The Ulti rusted before I could even get it home and it started having ejection problems that very day. Everything else was just empty the water out of it, shake it dry and hunt. Didnt have to worry about cleanin them up until I got home. NOT so with the Mossbutt. Even the camo finish started flakin off shortly after I got it which of course caused more rusting, the vents under the siterib are plain out ORANGE! The action is loose as well and was when new. Just pick one up off a dealers shelf and shake it. They rattle like Ali' s head. When loaded with 3.5" turkey loads they also kick like an abused mule. My Supermag with equal loads is MUCH easier on the jaw and shoulder and in general just feels like a better quality firearm.

LOL got my point?
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Default RE: supermag or ultramag??

I have an 1187 supermag and an 835.The 1187 shoots alot better and doesn' t have half the kick as the 835 with the same load.My first shot with the 1187 was better than any of the 200-300 shots with the 835.My 40 yard patterns are alot better with the 1187 than my 30 yard patterns with my 835.People have complained that the 1187 jams up with lighter loads.When you buy one it comes with a barrel seal activator that you put in when you intend to shoot light loads and you take it out when you shoot magnums.I havn' t had any problems.I don' t understand why they can' t just make it to shoot well with all loads.

Good luck this season
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Default RE: supermag or ultramag??

RedAllison: Why don' t you really tell us how you feel about Mossbergs?

I used to think that ugly women had to have some redeeming aspect to them, but after awhile found out that it aint necessarily so. Same thing goes with guns.
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Default RE: supermag or ultramag??

get a nice 35whelen.
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Default RE: supermag or ultramag??

remington 870 express supermag
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Default RE: supermag or ultramag??

The 870 SuperMag is far worth the extra bucks. IMO its one of the best shotguns for the money available.
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Default RE: supermag or ultramag??

870 expess supermag-The .35whelen will get you a nice fine and suspension when used in a shotgun zone which is the only place that I would be asking about which shotgun to use.
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Quick Reply: supermag or ultramag??

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