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New gun making its name known

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Default New gun making its name known

Ive just recently bought a 7-08 millimeter and have used for deer hunting last season and man can i say this gun is no will be the next be hot selling rifle. Every deer i shot this year didnt go no farther then 5 yards then dropped the bullet is so hot after it leaves the barrel the farther you shoot the more deadly. Like my last deer it dropped it in its footsteps and also it kicks like a 22 and is great for young kids just starting to adults who are professinals im just wondering do other people feel this way bout this gun to i mean how can u not like it
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I have a little Remington Model 7 chambered for the 7mm08 that I use in the thick cedar swamps at deer camp. Is about perfect for my use.
Also have a Remington 700 Mountain rifle chambered in 7mm08 I use for shooting across cranberry bogs that is perfect for that use.

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The 7mm-08 has been around since 1980 or so, introduced in the carbine version of the Remington Model 788, now no longer produced. Although it's a very solid, popular, all-around hunting round, it doesn't have magical powers.
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Yep, not new at all, my brother has had his since 1980, killed many with it...

But, it certainly doesn't kill any faster than my .243...
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Same results as a lot of other rifles and calibers...a dead deer.

I hear good things about it, especially of you don't want a lot of recoil.
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My wife uses a 7mm-08... has for years. Her's is a Ruger Compact.
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As others have commented, the 7-08 is a good cartridge for deer size animals, and there is a good selection of 7mm bullets.

As with most other cartridges, put the right bullet in the right place and your hunt is over.
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Originally Posted by 708slayer
the bullet is so hot after it leaves the barrel the farther you shoot the more deadly.
I'm lost trying to figure out this nonsense.

Glad you like yer rifle.
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Originally Posted by Tundra10
I'm lost trying to figure out this nonsense.

Glad you like yer rifle.

Yeah I was confused too

But there's nothing "new" about the 7/08...good little round, does what a 7mm Rem Mag will do just 300 yards shorter...
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Mmmmmm gotta love those hot bullets.
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