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What to do what to do

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Default What to do what to do

First I had all but givin up on getting any kind of realistic settlement from my car wreck been over a year and geico still been screwing me around well I guess god liked me today. Geico called me out of the blue and offered me an amout I was happy with. Prefect timing today as where movin back to florida in the morning. I want to get into hog hunting plus its in season and cheap to hunt

Right now im gunless so whatever I buy I want to be able to use for deer and maybe a elk hunt ou west. givin its hogs and in the bush of florida should I carry a handgun as a back up since ill likely be on the ground.

Im thinking one of the following
1. Doms ar in a 308 caliber
2. Remington 700 in 308 or 3006
Shotgun to double for birds small game
3 muzzleloader prob a tc triumph

Im leaning toward 1 or 2 more leaning to the ar rifle cause I can change it around and want one plus their good for when the zombies come lol. Im open to other calibers but want to be able to readily find aammo and it not cost a ton
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Really an AR? Regs diff from state to state.
One gun TC Encore buy barrels to suit your need.
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I enjoy AR hunting. I know that some find it taboo but my POF-308 is an excellent weapon. Mag restrictions vary state by state but is is a very versatile gun and fun to own. I shot a 350 lb hog with it and dropped it in 1 shot at 75 yds. 308 is capable of pretty much any game in North America. The AR is a lot of fun on range days also which helps to make it a Multi purpose rifle. Good luck with you decision and enjoy!
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Did you fix your self-defense quandry yet? If not, you may want to finish that off before you start another.
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Take a look at the 1895 45 70. All the horsepower you will need, and ammo is everywhere.
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Well at least we're only talking about shooting zombies this time, not focused on shooting people, although it does make a cameo appearance in your desire to have a back-up handgun. Keep in mind, that not all states allow concealed carry of a handgun while hunting, and other states may not allow open OR concealed carry of a handgun that isn't legal for the game you're after. My personal preference would NOT be an AR-10 for zombies, as the excessive recoil of the .308win in a semiauto platform quickly begins to waste valuable ammo, and 308win ammo is considerably heavier than 5.56Nato ammo, so you can't carry as many loaded 30rnd mags for the same weight in 308 as you can 556.

An AR-10 is not the same thing as an AR15. That DPMS LR-308 won't be very easy to "change around," contrary to what you might think based on internet tales about infinitely customizable AR-15's. The 308 length AR-10 versions out there are almost all independent, with very little interchangeability for parts other than cosmetics.

And as Tundra pointed out, not all states allow the use of semiautomatic rifles for hunting, and you should note, as much as you move around, that different states may not even allow ownership of a "modern sporting rifle" like the AR-10/LR-308.

The Rem 700 in .30-06 would be my pick off of that list.


Comparing prices, since you have the LR-308 on your list, which tends to run around $1200, then it makes the least sense. For $1200, you can swing both the Rem 700 and a Rem 870 12ga. Depending on which models of 700 and 870 you pick up, you might even have enough left over to get a decent muzzleloader too. All for the same price that you would have wasted on the LR-308/AR-10.
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All good info. What keeps me on the fence is the price tags I think id do just fine with thr ar10 for hunting and I love shooting them sure ammo cost out the ass but will no matter what thats why I plan to reload. ik the states I plan to hunt allow for me to use it. But iv always wanted a nice bolt rifle ever since I first put camo on. Ill likely bounce between the ar and the 700 till my check gets here sometime this week
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How heavy is that AR? Carrying around a heavy gun gets old real quick. Not long ago, one very knowledgeable hunter and gun writer with a lifetime of actual hunting experience suggested that a rifle and scope of 8 lbs. was ideal.

He was thinking: heavy enough not to punish you with recoil and light enough that it could be carried a long time. The last thing you'd want to do is to hike around elk country with an heavy rifle. It's tough enough doing it for deer when the terrain is gentler.

I agree that a Remington 700 in 30-06 would be ideal. If you insist on a .308, that would be fine, too.

I'm guessing that for the price of that AR, you could buy a Remington 700, a Remington shotgun 870, and a muzzleloader. I looked up the prices and could get all three for $1000 at a big chain type store.
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On that list I'd go with the remmy 700 in .30-06. And I would pick up a cheap single shot shotgun for small game. You can find old single shots for $75 in my area all the time. If I were in a tight money position and needed to cover myself for hunting needs I would look at a Ruger American in .30-06 or an older Savage 110 used.
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Im startin to lean toward the rem 700. Iv wanted a bolt action since I was alittle kid. The shotgun im not to concerned with right now im thinkin the 700 and a tc triumph. I had one before and loved it I dropped 2 deer at 200+ yards with it. Then a new 45 cal glock for a side arm. Mainly cause I want a new carry gun and while I dont see needing to shot anyone it be nice to hsve should a hog run up on me
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